1. SusanS

    I’ve been waiting to see if the price comes down a little on this, but your review makes me think I should just treat myself. $4.95 seems like a lot for 150 pages, but if it’s close to perfection then I guess it’s priceless.

  2. Sirius

    I forget did you like the first book? It is very much a safe bet that it you did you will like this one too . If not , then most likely not :-). It is normally would be *too quiet* for me , but there are exceptions for every rule one thinks they have :).

  3. SusanS

    @Sirius: I loved the first book. I like quiet romances as long as they are written well enough that I can infer what is not being said. I just finished Rose Lerner’s “Sailor’s Delight,” which was 95% MC #1 pining and MC #2 making small gestures that #1 is afraid to believe are signs of attraction/affection.

  4. Janine

    I must try this book. Your recs have been working for me really well lately.

    I don’t mind quiet romances at all, they often have depth. “Slice of life” doesn’t mean nothing happens–it just means the story feels very real, like something that could happen in real life, and not pure fantasy. Sometimes it also means that not all the loose ends are tied up in a bow. That’s my understanding anyway.

  5. Sirius

    @Janine: Knocking that this one will work too :), but you should definitely start from the beginning if you decide to give it a try. And thanks for the definition, will read blog entry too.@SusanS: Then there is a decent chance you will at least like this one, it builds on the first one nicely IMO. I bought “Sailor’s delight” too after Kaetrin’s review, but have not read it yet.

  6. Janine

    @Sirius: I will, thank you! I have been excited in His Quiet Agent for a while.

    The first few minutes of the first video embedded in that blog piece (Japanese anime example) are really insightful also.

  7. Random Michelle

    I really loved this book as much as I loved the first..

    I love that Arthur went home to deal with his family there–and that included his father’s other family.

    But I loved more learning about Martin and seeing how he held onto the good things from his past in the ways he was able to.

    And loved the little bits just casually dropped in, like the fcking form.

    But mostly I adored seeing those two odd characters –slightly out of sync with the world–able to be themselves and together, in a way that was good for them–regardless of what the world might think.

    Also, I read that the author has realized that Arthur and Martin are neurodivergent–even if it isn’t named in the story. As someone with recent neurodivergent diagnoses, it is comforting to see characters get a HEA–even if it’s not one others would necessarily understand.

  8. Sirius

    @Random Michelle: I loved your observation about the things you loved . I just wanted to note that to me it was pretty obvious that Martin was neurodivergent but I did miss the hints that Arthur was one as well.

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