When asked why PBS has doubled down on its book coverage, Fahle said that he believes there is a “significant media opportunity” in covering books and authors. “Authors and their stories drive news cycles, create national conversations, and fill airtime as part of major news and entertainment guest lineups,” Fahle said. “Despite a continuous viewer desire and entertainment interest, no network or program has made a dedicated play on the continually flowing entertainment stream originating from the publishing industry’s perpetual rollout of experts and storytellers. Until now.” – Publishers Weekly

Project Gutenberg Releases eBook #50,000 – In some ways it seems like Project Gutenberg, the massive digital library of public domain ebooks, has been around forever, and in other ways it seems amazing that they have reached the digitization of 50,000 ebooks, especially given the nonprofit nature of the initiative. Anyway, if you haven’t checked out the vast selection of free books, this is a great time to do so: