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Sirius started reading books when she was four and reading and discussing books is still her favorite hobby. One of her very favorite gay romances is Tamara Allen’s Whistling in the Dark. In fact, she loves every book written by Tamara Allen. Amongst her other favorite romance writers are Ginn Hale, Nicole Kimberling, Josephine Myles, Taylor V. Donovan and many others. Sirius’ other favorite genres are scifi, mystery and Russian classics. Sirius also loves travelling, watching movies and long slow walks.


  1. Barb in Maryland

    Lovely review! I have enjoyed all three books and agree that they just keep getting better. This one was a doozy, and while I had figured out some bits before they happened, other developments came as a surprise. I laughed, I cried, I had a great time.
    Osman has said there will be one more book, at least. featuring Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron, and Ibrahim. So, we will need to wait til this time next year for our next outing with the gang.

  2. Kris Bock

    I’m reading this one now. I don’t generally like books written in present tense or with more than one or two point of view characters, yet in this series it works. The mystery is certainly twisty, but in a Listserve I’m on, someone commented that the books are so good because Richard Osman clearly loves his characters, and I think that’s true.

  3. Darlynne

    There are few other books I await as eagerly as these. My heart swells with all of the characters as they navigate against the perfectly normal vagaries and fragility of aging. If there is only one more book, Osman had better let them remain alive and well forever because I would grieve losing even one. As someone careering toward 70, I love the joy and vigor with which they approach problems–physical, mental, emotional and criminal. Their engagement in everything, seeking it out in fact, is the most hopeful message I can think of. We need more Thursday Murder Clubs.

  4. Janine

    @Darlynne: Have hope! Barb said “one more book, at least.”

  5. sirius

    @Barb in Maryland: thank you. One more book sounds good.@Kris Bock: I agree with it actually, I didn’t think the resolution of the first book was all that strong but because the characters were so great overall I still liked it.@Darlynne: ah I think you nailed why I love these books but don’t particularly await them. I am afraid one of them will die.

  6. Stuart smith

    He writes like he talked on pointless,a load of time wasting rubbish that’s relevant to the boring story.won’t be reading the third book

  7. Sirius

    @Stuart smith: I am sorry series are not working for you.

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