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REVIEW:  Wolfmates: Ruff and Ready by Dakota Cassidy

REVIEW: Wolfmates: Ruff and Ready by Dakota Cassidy

Dear Ms Cassidy,

353.jpgFinally, I finished reading this series. Though it’s not your fault, the final grade for this one ends up being affected by the fact that at this point, I’m tired of the same old same old in the paranormals I’ve been reading lately. I won’t list specifics to avoid spoilers for this novella.

In the first three Wolfmates books, we meet the Adams family. No, not “that” Adams family. This one is a pack of unusual, to say the least, werewolves. The alpha marries a human, his younger brother marries a domestic house cat, their sister hooks up with a lion and their cousin is a vegetarian. And their grandmother can cook up some mean chicken soup which she claims will fix just about anything. It’s no wonder that Emerson Palmer, a female werewolf with “issues,” feels like she’s finally found a family with them. Her own pack is far too straight-laced and she never really felt at home with them. But the Adams took her in and accepted her and for that, she’ll fight for them with all she’s got.

Who’s she fighting? Lassiter Adams that’s who. The despicable man intent on destroying the vast tract of land that the Adams family has called their own for generations. A whoops over back taxes has allowed him to get his hands on it and nothing the family has done, legally or otherwise, appears to be able to change that. Now they can only stand by helplessly as multiunit condos appear poised to spring up overnight, displacing them and the wild animals who share the land. Emerson has tried being nice about the protests she’s lead but it’s time to use any advantage up her sleeve, or under her coat, to foil a man who was once her first crush and who can still fire her rockets.

I gotta tell you Dakota, this one starts out slow and a little annoying. This chick is a professional environmental protester yet all she can manage is to stand outside his trailer and yell “fucktard!”? Now I’d think it’s hysterically funny. At first. But a whole month of this? I’d start to wonder how effective this woman is at saving anything. And anyone who’s read my reviews of Balogh’s latest books knows how I feel about current books being populated with characters from past ones. A brief mention, as you did in the epilogue, is enough to fill me in on the happiness and offspring status of previous couples. I don’t need yawn scenes of everybody’s child or pregnant stomach.

But just as I was beginning to despair, this one turned funny once Emerson and Lassiter started talking instead of just shouting at each other. The dialogue sparkled, the drama intensified and I got caught up in finishing it to its resolution. I will say that you sure have some *ahem* interesting combos of paranormals. And my, what Eva’s chicken soup can do. I know you won’t be happy with this grade but the whole evens out to a C+.


Dear Author

REVIEW: Moon over Manhasset (Wolfmates III) by Dakota Cassidy

Dear Ms. Cassidy,

248.jpgI think I like Moon Over Manhasset the best of your Wolfmates books. Julia Lawrence, cousin to the heroes of An American Werewolf and What’s New Pussycat, is a werewolf living in Manhasset. Um, sorry, make that she-wolf. Julia loves her doggie boutique business and makes tons of money with it. Now she needs some help investing all that lovely money and who better to help her than Xavier Wolf of Pride Investments. He’s intelligent, he’s handsome, he’s hot enough to melt paving materials and he doesn’t seem to mind when Julia’s tail appears after a bout of hot sex on his executive desk. In fact, he’s got a tail too only his is a lion tail. Julia’s cousin married a housecat but could a she-wolf ever hope for happiness, beyond nuclear meltdown boinking, with a werelion?

This is two heroines in a row who have taken charge of their sexuality, reveled in it and called the shots. I love it. Julia’s no shrinking virgin who goes from innocent to vixen (oops, that would be another shapeshifter, right?) after having sex one time. I did have to wonder at the fact that she runs a very successful business and has such little understanding of investments but it sets the scene for more hot sex and what’s wrong with more hot sex?
The bit with her bunny loving cousin was also a little obvious. You did heap a lot on her plate at the time she found out about that so I can understand her running off as she did.

I love the twist on Xavier Wolf’s name. That pride must get a lot of ribbing! And the things that boy can do with a long stemmed rose…oi and vay. You must have had a lot of fun researching these books. Who knew writing could be so much fun?

I like that these characters are given time to get to know each other. And that they do more with this time than just have sex. That really adds to the long term believability for me. I do wonder at what kind of children they’re going to have. I wonder at what kind of children all these couples are going to have but that’s the joy of genetics. I take it from the ending that there is a fourth book in this series? B for you.