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Wednesday Midday Links: Kristan Higgins’ All I Ever Wanted Digital Edition Makes Bestseller List

Wednesday Midday Links: Kristan Higgins’ All I Ever Wanted Digital Edition...

USA Today bestseller list is now counting ebook sales when compiling the list.   Harlequin Books tweeted that Kristan Higgins made the USAToday list today at #102 for her ebook edition.   It’s the ebook edition because of the (E) notation and the $6.99 price point (the paperbook is $7.99).   There are other (E) editions on the list.   I think this is a real sign of the ebook penetration.

UPDATE: From the USAToday website:

USA TODAY’s Best Selling Books list ranks titles regardless of format. If, for example, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice sells copies in hardcover, paperback and e-book during a particular week, we combine sales from each format. In our list, following a title’s description, we note which format recorded the most sales that week and the price of the book in that format.

All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins


New poll question.   Susanna Fraser debuted her new website today and a number of people thought it was awesome.   and funny.   and I? was confused by the praise.   I thought it was hard to read with the big blocky text and given that the voice of the site appeared to be her husband’s, I wasn’t sure what the site was telling me about the book other than her husband wants us to buy the book so he doesn’t have to design her websites anymore.   I am curious if the site motivates you to buy the book.

[poll id="224"]

As an aside, Sunita enjoyed Fraser’s review and will have a review of the book next week.   As one person noted, it’s a publicity trick, at least, and we are all talking about it, right?   I wonder if there is a divide between author and reader as it seemed like the people who liked the site were primarily authors.


Gizmodo says that Google will release a Verizon connected Android tablet on Black Friday that will be highly subsidized.   Google Editions is supposed to launch in the fall (they said earlier this year they were going to launch in the summer).   Also, independents are embracing Google Editions because it will save independent bookstores somehow.


The Guardian looks at book recommendations gone awry which reminded me of Holly’s unhappiness with my recommendation of An Heir for the Millionaire.   I admit that it is much harder to give a good grade than a bad grade because I fully recognize people may be forking out their hard earned money for a book I’ve recommended.   I apologize in advance to all readers who have been burned by my recommendations!   But I enjoy the debate about the book and love to hear comments, good or bad, on books we’ve blogged.


I explain how we pick the winners for our giveaways in the Mockingjay announcement.


While I enjoy my Kindle, I know that others out there are enjoying their ebook devices.   This is a nice rundown of the good and bad points of the Kobo by a previous Kindle owner.


Kristen Nelson pointed out that Macmillan is sending out letters to authors asking them to sign a contract that would authorize Macmillan to publish their digital backlist.

Dear Author

Tuesday Night Link RoundUp

According to PublishersMarketplace (subscription needed), the data shows that there is close to 1 million Kindles out in the wilds of readerdom and that the previously provided statistic that if a book is available in print and Kindle, 1 out of 3 purchases is a Kindle purchase is confirmed by at least one major publisher. I hope someone with a royalty statement will come forward and say yea or nay.

Miki, one of our fearless ebook readers, has been tirelessly emailing everyone at Simon & Schuster including the CEO, regarding the high price of the Simon & Schuster ebooks. Recently she got a response indicating the following:

Going forward, all eBook prices will mirror the price of the most recently available print edition. Therefore, if the paperback is $6.99, the suggested retail price of the eBook will also be $6.99 (Please note that it might take some time for these changes to actually go into effect at the retailers).

Way to go, Miki!

Mokoto Rich of the NYTimes wrote that piracy for ebooks is increasing (login required). Harlan Ellison will sue you into oblivion if he can whereas Cory Doctorow worries more about obscurity than piracy. Vromans riffs off of Booksquare’s answer to the solution which is to make the entire digital experience better when you buy than when you steal. This is so true. I’m fairly technologically literate but when it comes to ebooks, even I get frustrated. This PW article discusses, briefly, some of the challenges publishers are facing when it comes to pricing (this is totally self inflicted in my opinion).

Penguin publicist articulates the reasons why have a prepublication presence is so important. (Why is this even a question anymore? According to the Make Information Pay seminar, 5.3% of sales are made from awareness raised by an author’s website). Speaking of online presence for authors, Estatic Days has some PR tips for authors. Authenticity, credibility are so important.