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Wednesday Midday News Roundup: historical fact v. entertainment

Generation Y women like social networking and sharing their thoughts on the products that they buy.   This is, apparently, news.   It is not something that ebook manufacturers have caught on yet, though.   The current ebook reader enthusiast is a 47-year-old married man with a household income in excess of 6 figures.   But! researchers believe that the ebook market won’t take off until the women get a hold of it.   Frankly I think the current ebook reader is the 47 year old male because that is whom the product was initially marketed toward.   Ironically, as the article sent to me by Leah notes, women and romance fiction is pushing the ebook market forward.

But to go truly mass-market, e-books will have to appeal to women, who tend to be warier of new technology and more price-conscious, Epps says.

Harlequin, purveyor of those lusty supermarket bodice-rippers, has dipped into the market with an e-book subscription service for some series, like Silhouette Desire, “delivering the provocative passion you crave.” And no one can see you put it in your shopping cart!


GalleyCat asks the question of whether an author needs an agent in the future.   Meriam Goderich responds that any serious author needs a good agent.   I see agenting in the future as more of a business management position that will include hooking the author up with a good editor (maybe a contract editor) and providing publicity vehicles for authors.   Speaking of publicity, this Miami Herald article looks at all the publicity an author needs to do particularly if you are self published.

As the Miami Book Fair International gets underway, more than 400 authors have discovered they must be there to push their books, either by nailing a spot on a panel, hosting a session, or shaking as many hands as possible to get noticed. Of course, there’s the social media component, too. They must write on blogs, reach fans through Twitter, even make online and the usual in-person book club appearances.


Macleans discusses historical fiction and whether it needs to be  faithful to historical fact by looking at the Booker prize winning novelist’s work which is very faithful against the Governor’s General Award nominee Kate Pullinger.   Pullinger says “Surely it is the role of all novelists to uncover the untold stories, the undocumented lives; surely this is a legitimate way to demonstrate and elucidate "historical truth’ (a concept that is itself notoriously unreliable).” Hilary Mantel, the Booker winner, has a different view, “"I stick with the facts until the facts run out. I don’t try to improve on them.”   It’s a fascinating difference, no?


Kristie J has found another new romance blogger: Jessica at Book Bound.


Did you know that Hachette sells digital books straight from its website? Me neither but this article in PW suggests that it does.   I went over there and clicked around and saw no ability to purchase ebooks on the site. What am I missing?

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Grand Central Promotional Ebooks

Grand Central Publishing which houses Warner Forever, Hachette, Orbit and the like believe that low ebook publishing can seed more sales.   I agree with this and want to publicize their efforts as much as possible. Grand Central offers these promotions to all etailers and its up to the etailer to pick it up and carry it.   

This month, Orbit, the science fiction/fantasy arm, is featuring a $1.00 ebook promotion for Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin.   

In celebration of Latino month, the following two titles are $2.99

The Night Gardener by George Pelecanos will be made available on May 12, 2009 for $1.99.