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Dear Author

The Rake

see more Lolcats and funny pictures There is not a more common hero archetype in historical romance than the “rake”. In my early days of reading, I always viewed the “rake” as a sign of virility of the hero.  ┬áIn… more

Dear Author

The Love Triangle

[poll id="168"] I have a hard time with love triangles. If done right, some poor nice guy or girl is totally getting the shaft at the end. If done wrong, some initially poor nice guy or girl is demonized by… more

Dear Author

Least Favorite Tropes

[poll id="120"] We had a previous post and poll regarding our favorite tropes and now I wonder what your least favorite tropes are. [poll id="119"]
Dear Author

Favorite Tropes

[poll id="119"] I’m pretty much a sucker for the friends to lovers theme as well as the marriage of convenience one. I hate the virgin widow trope and generally dislike the secret baby one, but can let that one slide… more