Tuesday News: Kickstarter, Harper Lee’s enduring royalties, Big Data, wedding jumpsuits, and Leafmarks

Tuesday News: Kickstarter, Harper Lee’s enduring royalties, Big Data, wedding jumpsuits,...

“More than 6,000 publishing campaigns were launched on Kickstarter in 2013, including over 1,600 works of fiction and nearly 1,000 children’s book projects. In all, contributors pledged $21 million to publishing endeavors (up from $15 million in 2012), with an average pledge of $3,540 per backer.” Publishers Weekly

“According to legal papers filed against former book agent Sam Pinkus, in the first six months of 2009 alone Harper Lee earned $1,688,064.68 in royalties. Assuming 2009 is an average year, that works out to $3,376,129.39 per year. That’s $9,249 per day! That’s 4.5 times what Sting earns in a day from “Every Breath You Take”.” Celebrity Net Worth

“To their credit, Aiden and Michel freely acknowledge the distortions inherent in their device. For one thing, people who write books tend to write about other people who write books, so the Ngram data often exaggerate the cultural prominence of academics and authors. It’s also easy to confuse correlation with causation. Did the increasing frequency of the word “zombie” contribute to the rising occurrence of “the future,” was the causation reversed, are the trends unrelated, or do both reflect a deeper cause?” The Daily Beast

“At $750, the J. Crew option is much more affordable for many brides in comparison to conventional bridal gowns with prices generally in the thousands. Unlike a princess gown, a bridal jumpsuit can be worn to celebrations way past the big day giving you amazing bang for your buck.” StyleList

“Leafmarks is by far the closest you’ll get to the Goodreads experience with a clean and user-friendly interface, missing from the old fashioned LibraryThing, and you can tell just by using it what type of features will be available in the future, given time to further develop the site.” Literary Ames