Friday News: Writerly eccentricities, print v. digital (again!), Steam kills Greenlight, Jennifer Weiner still speaking out, and WWI diaries digitized

Friday News: Writerly eccentricities, print v. digital (again!), Steam kills Greenlight,...

“Still, Pew’s survey of just over a thousand American adults found that in almost every demographic, more e-books are being read than ever: Twenty-eight percent of all respondents had read an e-book in the last year, compared with 23 percent in 2012 and 17 percent in 2011. Yet the the average number of books read per person (five) did not change, nor has it for years. How is that possible?” NBC News

“Greenlight allows users to vote on game projects and concepts posted by indie developers that they would like to see published on Steam. The highest voted software is then considered by Valve for a global Steam release.” CVG US

“What sets Weiner apart from other female authors isn’t some innate writerly disqualification from the boy’s club, but her unique position to critique it. She’s one of a handful of female authors with the publishing clout — in terms of dedicated readership, sales, and movie options — to speak out against industry sexism without fearing retribution. “ New York Magazine

“These records are the war diaries of the first three cavalry and the first seven infantry divisions of the British Army in the First World War. They are part of a large series of records, WO 95, which contains many more diaries that have not yet been digitised. They are not personal diaries try the Imperial War Museum for those.” The National Archives