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Wednesday News: Sony Reader releases its iOS App; Britney Spears fiction; Amazon Prime goes monthly; EU to end Agency

Wednesday News: Sony Reader releases its iOS App; Britney Spears fiction;...

Sony Reader iOS App

1) Existing agency contracts with Apple will be terminated.

2) Apple will allow any other “major international ebook publisher” to terminate its agency agreement immediately. If the publishers take no action, Apple is to terminate the agreement.

3) The publishers will offer each retailer the option to terminate the agency agreement if the agreement restricts the retailer’s ability to change the price or if the agreement contains an MFN clause. If the retailer does not respond, the publisher must terminate the agreement.

4) For two years, the publishers agree to not restrict the pricing of ebooks by retailers.

5) The aggregate value of the price discounts or promotions offered by any retailer should not exceed the aggregate amount equal to the total commissions the publisher pays to that retailer over a 12-month period in connection with the sale of its e-books to consumers.

There is no monetary rebates mentioned in the Proposed Agreement (PDF).  The Hachette and S&S agency pricing the US should end any day now.

“Kevin Federline’s aunt Diane Story has written an erotic novel “inspired” by the former dancer’s ill-fated marriage to Britney is exclusively reporting.”

Wednesday News: How to help the Sandy victims; Amazing Sandy pics; Indies cry foul over Amazon review deletion

Wednesday News: How to help the Sandy victims; Amazing Sandy pics;...

The RedCross is asking for monetary donations and has indicated that its blood bank is low. You can text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation or visit your local RedCross to make a blood bank donation.

CNN has an additional list of charities for children and animals in need as well as how to assist in the cleanup  American Red Cross

This Atlantic link (different than the previous one) is particularly useful because it debunks some of the photographs being shared. I.e., no actual sharks in Jersey but yes, the large portions of the Atlantic boardwalk appeared to be subsumed by the water.

Lose a boat?

I particularly liked this random one. Lose a boat? Times, Atlantic, Gawker

Each month, Sony Reader Store will select a book of the month to feature in a virtual Book Club gathering, an online chat with the author, on the Sony Reader Store Facebook and Twitter pages. Starting November 28 you’ll get the opportunity to chat about the book of the month with the author and fellow book lovers.


And wait, there’s more, we are also looking for 25 VIP members to join ‘Sony Readers Book Club’ who will each receive a Sony Reader device and cover with light, as well as the first four Book of the Month ebooks for free. In February, the 25 VIP members will also be invited to an in-person book club and meet-and-greet with author Michael Connelly in Los Angeles. The VIPs will receive airfare, hotel, transportation and meals for the duration of the weekend – pretty sweet deal. All we ask is that you read the books and participate in the chats.SONY make.believe

I have to say that I laughed out loud when I read that line. The idea that the Big 6 is actively paying for negative reviews to be left on indie books is so lacking in reason and analysis that the only response to give is laugh. Let’s look at this objectively, if we can. Amazon’s greatest tool against the Big 6 is its own source of content. I.e., the content produced by indies through Kindle Direct Publishing. KDP has convinced thousands of indie writers to give Amazon an exclusive by getting them to sign agreements to participate in the KDP Select. The Big 6 actively watch the indie list so that they can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on what they hope to be the next big thing.

But simultaneously we are to believe that traditional publishing and Amazon are in cahoots to drive down indies? How about paying for positive reviews? I see only a bare minimum of reviews on many traditionally published books. Wouldn’t it make sense to actually pad the reviews of their own books instead of adding to the numbers that self published books have?

And is it any wonder that Amazon is deleting reviews of self published books that no one has heard of? Frex, Courtney Milan’s Unlocked, which was a top ten Kindle besteller and part of an Amazon direct email campaign has 105 reviews. If a self published author has even remotely close to her number and they aren’t in the top 10 ever? I’m giving that author the side eye and maybe Amazon is too.

There are things that indies can do to erode Amazon’s monopoly including not signing exclusive deals, making sure to actively sell their books at all available retailers, and promoting their sales within those alternative channels. The Masquerade Crew