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Friday News: A Tale of Sony and Kobo

Friday News: A Tale of Sony and Kobo

Sony faces stiff competition from the likes of Kobo and Amazon’s Kindle in Australia, not to mention Google and Apple. In the US it also has to fend off giants like Barnes & Noble. It’s a tough market and it remains to be seen if the Sony Reader and its store can fare better here than in North America.
–The Sydney Morning Herald

As I’m posting these links today, I can’t help but think about the research on whether those who purchase digital books are loyal to specific vendors and formats. With Adobe’s new DRM plans, and the closure of Sony Reader stores in the US and Canada, I’m not sure how readers of epub books could do anything but break DRM in order to survive the next year of the Sony-Kobo-Abode ménage à trios. Which makes the new Adobe DRM issue even more ironic.

The companies revealed today (6th February) they had struck a deal for Kobo to provide e-books to Sony e-reader and tablet customers. From now on, an app will come pre-loaded on select Sony tablets in the two countries. Sony said that its Reader Store customers and their current e-book libraries will transfer to the Kobo ecosystem starting in late March. –The Bookseller

This could be a good model for Nook, which many in the publishing industry expect to be shuttered or sold before the end of 2014. Nook is Barnes & Noble’s device and ebook business and it has been faltering badly for nearly two years. While it still brings in over $100 million in revenue every quarter, it loses much more than that and revenues have been shrinking rather than growing.–Forbes

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Two problems. First, it is available only for the iPhone with iPad access coming but no plans for an Android app.  I’d pay for this. I sent an email to Oyster asking about the romance coverage. I will report back. Tech News and Analysis