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Monday News: More self-publishing and subscription news, holiday gifts, publishing insights, intellectual property data, and opinions about women

Monday News: More self-publishing and subscription news, holiday gifts, publishing insights,...

“For Scribd’s subscription ebook service, authors will earn 60% of the list price on all qualifying reads, and here they’ve added a cool twist.  With subscription services, the author or publisher earns credit for a full read when the reader reaches a certain trigger point, measured by the percentage of the book that is read.” Forbes

“I’ve tried to suggest that at least a portion of that pursuit can have gratifying economic results. (Plus it will not plunge us into an endless recession!) But that’s not really the point. The point is truth and beauty, without which our lives will lack grace and meaning and our civilization will be spiritually hollowed out and the historical bottom line will be that future epochs will remember us as a coarse and philistine people who squandered our bottomlessly rich cultural inheritance for short-term and meaningless financial advantage.” New York Times

“The NSF study doesn’t merely totally refute the USPTO’s findings, it does so using a well-documented, statistically valid, neutral methodology that was calculated to find the truth, rather than scoring political points for the copyright lobby. It’s a study in contrasts between evidence-based policy production and policy-based evidence production.” Boing Boing

“Liking women, respecting women, trusting women to make the best choices for themselves is a radical act in a misogynist culture. Being comprehensively pro-choice instead of policing women’s choices is a radical act in a culture in which we are exhorted to judge and condemn other women. And, in a world that hates women and holds us in contempt, perhaps the most radical feminist/womanist act is creating space for women to love ourselves.” Shakesville

Monday News: Amazon publishing acknowledges that its authors should expect to sell within Amazon’s closed corridors; Author calls ebook returners ‘jerks’; Smashwords offer cloud storage for ebook purchases

Monday News: Amazon publishing acknowledges that its authors should expect to...

The Marvin iOS App and the Aldiko App for Android offer nice Dropbox integration. Many readers already do this by downloading to a sub-folder that is part of their dropbox account or, like me, use Calibre. For me, Calibre library is stored in a Dropbox Subfolder but for others, this simple integration may be more useful. Smashwords

This author calls the person who returns a “jerk.” Given that I return books, I guess that makes me a jerk too. I think what this author doesn’t realize is that a lot of times, readers buy and then don’t actually get to the book until days, maybe even weeks later. Are there abusers of the system? No doubt, but I don’t think that it’s as high as authors conclude.

I suspect how long the return period should be and whether they should be allowed at all is largely dependent on whether you sit on the reader or author side of the fence. Paste Magazine

“Durham said that while Amazon wants to make its books available to anyone who wants to carry them, “our business model doesn’t depend on distribution outside of Amazon.” She acknowledged that limited sales through retailers mean Amazon needs to provide authors with “a great publishing experience,” noting, “If we were not able to do that, then we’re not going to be the best publisher fit for them.”” Publishers Weekly

The cream is what gave cheese its color and to make up for this, farmers began coloring the cheese in order for it to look more robust. Now, we’ve become more accustomed to non yellow cheese and Kraft announced that artificial dyes would be abandoned in its cheesy products. The Salt : NPR