Tuesday News: HC enjoys increase of revenue due to digital books; Cultural differences lead to varying meanings of love; Amazon to deliver on Sundays

Tuesday News: HC enjoys increase of revenue due to digital books;...

Jeannie Lin has blogged in the past about whether cultural differences can impair a buy in for a less Western themed romance and happy ever after. It would be interesting to read a native Chinese romance. The ones that have come from India and published by Harlequin Mills & Boon have seemed to present recognizable Western love characteristics but that may be due to the taste of the M&B publishing team Science of Relationships

While the article speaks to the different types of editors and gives some hint as to where to find them, it doesn’t really say what to look for in a good editor. I’ve heard some horror stories from self published authors who’ve paid for editing and received error ridden manuscripts in return. One of the things that Book Country by Penguin purported to offer was a way to crowdsource the ranking of editors and other author services providers. This is really something that’s needed but I don’t think Book Country has pulled it off. Publishers Weekly