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Thursday News: Someone discovers porn on Amazon and is surprised; Goodreads...

Wendell is less certain that fans of Fifty will enjoy other romance narratives, stating “I don’t think every 50 fan will find romance and think, ‘YES! This is what I wanted!’” Rather than mining the backlists of established authors, Wendell sees Fifty Shades changing the publishing industry and the types of stories that are published. She points to the sheer number of romance book covers that look eerily similar to the cover of Fifty Shades, the increasing use of deep first-person narratives and the popularity of a new genre, called “New Adult,” that features young 20-something female protagonists who are often unsure of themselves and enter into intense sexual and emotional relationships. Unsurprisingly, many (though certainly not all) New Adult titles began as Twilight fan fiction, too. Trout seems the same trends, but is less optimistic, writing “I think a lot of authors had that hope at the beginning of the craze. ‘Okay, this book has its problems, but now the readers will move on to other books in the erotic romance genre and they’ll realize what they were missing.’ Instead, what seems to be happening is this really horrible effect of even more anti-feminist, abusive and grossly misinformed kink fanfic flooding the market.” It’s an interesting piece that covers a lot of different ground. Infinite Earths

On Amazon you do not need to have an ISBN and in fact, it is almost encouraged by Amazon to simply use their own IDs for even Createspace (print) versions of the books. I think you actually have to pay more if you want to use your own ISBN purchased from Bowker. Given that Amazon represents a huge portion of self published digital books, Bowkers’ numbers are interesting but not terribly reliable. Publishers Weekly

Many users never even used the synch feature, preferring to simply use the export/import feature of the respective sites. This notice comes on the heels of emails Goodreads sent to some 21 users whose content had been deleted promising to return the content but that readers must never, ever repost it on Goodreads. I’m not sure what is going on over at Goodreads, but it sounds like a mess right now. BookLikes

Some of these authors have tried to repackage their porn in the form of barely legal New Adult work because they are hoping to both a) catch on the trend wave and b) avoid some of Amazon’s attempts to hide them. In other words, Amazon has no problem making money off of porn so long as no one knows about it. Amazon has put the ban hammer down on covers that are too explicit and titles like “my step-father wants to poke me in the bottom as punishment” have to be reworked into “my older neighbor metes out discipline.”

Amazon has strict guidelines for amateur authors who wish to self-publish with the Kindle Direct Publishing service. “We don’t accept pornography or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts,” say the guidelines. “What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect.” Jeremy Wilson – The Kernel

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Wednesday News: Its all about the benjamins

For these authors, high volume and hard core marketing can result in a profitable career in writing. No one knows right now for how long, but the market is there for the author entrepreneur. Sramana Mitra

Traditional stationary book stores are facing major changes, and competition with online retailers is fierce. Those who survive will be determined by the added value a local bookseller can offer, said Skipis. Culture | DW.DE

Women war workers were all demobbed by the spring of 1919, and they undoubtedly found life had changed for themselves and for British society after four years of chaos, carnage, and courage. Though their contributions to the war were often marginalized in the interwar period, the inroads the ambulance drivers–and munitionettes, nurses, surgeons, farmers, WRNS, etc–made during WWI laid the foundation for an even greater contribution for women during WWII. Edwardian Promenade