Tuesday News: the popularity of “Shelf-Help” books, Amazon delivery services, gifting the Kindle Fire, revisiting The Wind in the Willows, and an addictive geography game

Tuesday News: the popularity of “Shelf-Help” books, Amazon delivery services, gifting...

“There is a complementary trend too: for self-help in fiction. The Novel Cure: An A to Z of Literary Remedies by Susan Elderkin and Ella Berthoud prescribes Ernest Hemingway for a headache and Daphne du Maurier for low self-esteem. This guide grew out of the London-based School of Life’s bibliotherapy course, a session with a cross between a librarian and a therapist who compiles ‘an inspirational reading prescription that’s tailor-made for you.’ Berthoud and Elderkin describe fiction as ‘the purest and best form of bibliotherapy’.” The Guardian

“Jeff Bezos’s wild plan to deliver packages using drones has been way overhyped. But grocery delivery service Amazon Fresh is very real. Amazon isn’t depending on UPS or any other delivery service to get heads of lettuce and bundles of carrots to your door. It’s using its own trucks, driven by its own employees (or contractors). “ Wired

“Flurry, which measures mobile application analytics, says the Kindle Fire activations were up 24X on Christmas day versus a normal December day. (This is actually down compared to years past.)”Business Insider

“That brings me to the book’s most enchanting paradox. Winter finds us slumberous, cumbrous and bundled up, but we lean hardest on our books and friends in this season. We return, like Mole, to the essence of things.” NPR