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REVIEW: Friendly Fire by Megan Hart

REVIEW: Friendly Fire by Megan Hart

Dear Ms Hart,

big_hart-ffire.jpgI was checking my ebook reader to see what books were on it and came across this one. I’m embarrassed to say how long it’s been sitting there, patiently waiting to be read so I won’t. But I found once I got started reading it, the pages just clicked along.

I’m not sure if there’s any place like this in existence, an island retreat for burned out government agents to allow them to regroup, talk with counselors and deal with the issues of their jobs gone bad. It’s nice to think so. I like the small touches to remind us it’s still a gov run facility such as the showers not working in Zane’s original room and the slightly run-down air. But hey, it’s a free week at the beach so I could deal with it as Zane and Kendall do.

I like that you don’t force these two to be together — well beyond being on the same small island — in order to heighten their conflict as there’s enough there already. And Kendall’s already beginning to admit to herself that Zane isn’t really to blame for her despised partner’s death. Wrong place, wrong time and all that plus her partner didn’t listen to her warnings. Kendall gets some nice pointers in handling her personal feelings about her partner and how that impacts her acceptance of Zane’s innocence. I like that Zane didn’t try to blow off what happened nor did he jump into the guilt pool and wallow in it.

I could see that their proximity intensifies their attraction for each other yet I didn’t feel that they rushed into a physical relationship. Once they did it was hot, hot, hot yet never nasty or obscene. Since this is a novella there’s not a lot of space for soul searching and resolution of all the issues that Kendall and Zane face over the death of the other DEA agent. And the story ends with a promise for the future yet no immediate wedding bells. All in keeping I think with the story length.

I do have a major issue with the price. $6.00 regular price for less than 20,000 words? Ouch. Okay I know you have no control over this but, jeez. Still, I’d give this a B for the story.


This book can be purchased in ebook format from Amber Quill Press.

REVIEW: Boomerang Love by Melissa Lopez

REVIEW: Boomerang Love by Melissa Lopez

Dear Mrs Lopez,

boomerang-love.jpgI decided to try “Boomerang Love” when Samhain offered it to us because I need a contemporary every once in a while to balance out all the historical stuff I read and I love to listen to Aussie men talk. Yeah, so I couldn’t actually hear Cohen or his brothers but I could imagine!

“Simple lust or lasting love?” The description of your book uses this phrase. By book’s end, it’s supposed to be the latter that we feel but in all honesty, I was left feeling that the relationship between American Hayleigh Davenport and the hot Cohen Thorn was more the former. Okay, maybe with the possibility of eventually being lasting but when a couple has only met once before, a year ago and then spent most of that night trying out various Kama Sutra poses in a pickup truck it doesn’t help me suspend my disbelief that this is lurve.

And then when most of their time during the current visit is still spent swapping body fluids at a rate that makes me think Cohen must be using Viagra in order to maintain all those erections….well, I just don’t buy Hayleigh’s seemingly overnight decision to ditch her career aspirations after getting her masters degree and transplant to not only a different country but a different continent and the outback at that.

The sex is hawt. Very hawt. Sizzling hawt even, so as romantica the story works. But as romance — well maybe not so good. B-


Available as an ebook from Samhain