Thursday News: Astroturfing or Reader Word of Mouth

Thursday News: Astroturfing or Reader Word of Mouth

Penguin Tests Social Reading Rewards ProgramPenguin has launched a program to drive more reviews and online discussion of their books. Through “First to Read”, a reader can gain access to advanced reader copies. The program is run on a rewards system (or gamification) wherein points are earned for activities.

Members may earn points by engaging on the Program Site in a number of ways, including but not limited to visiting the site, requesting advance galleys, reading excerpts or advance galleys, writing reviews, sharing content about the books featured on the site on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and participating in surveys.  Should you be selected and given access to download a galley, you are not required to review the book. However, members who participate on the site improve their chances of having access to future Rewards.

I joined but there was no indication how many “points” you would need to make sure you could get a copy. There were only 15 available for Julie Garwood’s Hot Shot but 50 copies of Tara Sue Me’s The Dominant. First to Read

“So a street team who promises to go out and talk about your books, sharing their enthusiasm, can be invaluable. Street teams are generally paid back with promotional materials and a higher level of access to the author (who is, of course, deeply grateful for the help)!” Beyond Her Book


Communities that quickly become fast friends. For every mission completed, members receive points. At certain key point levels, members win awesome rewards from the author. The rewards are a way for the author to express her appreciation for the member’s hard work and passion on her behalf.” Beyond Her Book

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this: