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Golden Era of Romance

[poll id="194"] McVane has kindly thought up some poll ideas for me. (They are hard, you guys!).   I thought this topic was particularly apt given two things.   First, there are some readers who believe that the best of romance is… more

Dear Author

Do you feel out of step?

[poll id="182"] Sarah of SmartBitches and Maili were discussing on Twitter about being out of step with popular opinion regarding books.   I admit that I had some qualms when I posted my B review of Joan Johnston’s Outcast and saw… more

Dear Author

Can you read in the car poll?

[poll id="134"] SB Sarah mentioned on her twitter feed that she reads in the car alot.   I know that sometimes I can read in the car and sometimes I can’t.   I think it depends on whether I am reading with… more

Dear Author

Generational Divide Poll

[poll id="129"] I’m starting to wonder if there is a generational divide amongst readers of romance (and of writers too) wherein certain tropes appeal more to the older readers and certain tropes that appeal more to the younger readers. I… more

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Men Don’t Read

Wired magazine has a report on what men between the ages of 18-34 do and do not do.  They love the internet and short forms of non human communication (66%) and video games (60%) and do not like to read… more