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Dear Author

Stanford Law Professors to Lead Defense Against JK Rowling Copyright Infringement...

I just read on GalleyCat that some prime legal minds will be representing RDR in the defense of the Rowling copyright infringement lawsuit. If you aren’t up to date on this, the facts, briefly, shake out as follows:

  • Harry Potter Lexicon site starts up in 2000
  • Promotes Pottermania and is used by Rowling and Warner to promote Potter related stuff
  • Lexicon decides to publish book on Rowling stuff
  • Rowling files suit
  • Fandom is angry at RDR (Jane owes Random big post and will do so soon)
  • Jane looks up suit on Pacer and sees that RDR is a tiny company that is not well situated for a protracted legal battle with Rowling. Worries.

The RDR legal team now looks like this:

  • Lead Counsel: Ex-federal prosecutor David Hammer
  • Anthony Falzone, Stanford University’s Fair Use Project executive director.
  • Julie Ahrens, Stanford University’s Fair Use Project associate director
  • Lawrence Lessig, the author of Free Culture

I so hope that this goes to trial and is not settled because the legal precedence of this case could be vitally important to the measurement free use v. copyright.

Dear Author

District Judge Puts Halt to Lexicon

The lawsuit by J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers was filed on October 31, 2007. Immediately thereafter, the district court judge entered an Order requiring the Lexicon publisher to show cause why an injunction shouldn’t be filed against it halting further production of the Lexicon book.

This is a case of David v. Goliath. Local counsel for RDR filed an informal memorandum with the court requesting a delay in the time of the briefing on the Preliminary Injunction due to RDR’s limited resources. It has no counsel on retainer and grosses less than $100,000.00 per year. The lawyer defending RDR, at this time, is a cousin of RDR’s owner who is not an Intellectual Property lawyer. The publisher agreed that it would halt all production until the case was decided and the court entered an order halting the Lexicon project.

I’m going to upload the trial court documents in a bit, but I wanted to let you know that Robin and I are going to engage in a mock debate on this issue. I’m going to argue the Rowling side of the case and Robin will argue the Lexicon side of the case. We’ll be posting this in a couple of weeks. I do know that a case like the Lexicon matter will eat up the $100,000 gross revenues in a matter of weeks.

Legal Documents: