Tuesday News: Pulitzer Prizes announced, fiction and money, literary couples, and book covers on real bodies

Tuesday News: Pulitzer Prizes announced, fiction and money, literary couples, and...

Among the other Pulitzers, Will Hobson and Michael LaForgia of the Tampa Bay Times won for local reporting for their investigation into the housing blight of the city’s homeless population; and the New York Times’s Tyler Hicks and Josh Haner took the two photography prizes.

The Pulitzer for fiction writing went to Donna Tartt for The Goldfinch, while Annie Baker won the prize for drama for her play set in a cinema, The Flick. Become Ocean, a piece commissioned by the Seattle Symphony by John Luther Adams, won the Pulitzer for music.  –The Guardian

“Business is the only human solidarity,” the American novelist William Dean Howells confessed in his essay “The Man of Letters as a Man of Business.” “We are all bound together with that chain, whatever interests and tastes and principles separate us.” Howells acknowledged what by the Gilded Age had become an unavoidable reality. Catering to a rising bourgeois class, imaginative writers had been forced to recognize money as both the root of many evils and also, in Marx’s words, “the truly creative power.” –New York Times

Vladimir Nabokov’s classic works such as Lolita and Pale Fire have entranced generations of readers. While Lolita was met with considerable controversy for its “obscene” and “pornographic” content, Nabokov himself was quite straight-laced and conservative. He was married to Véra for over 50 years, and they were constantly together. Moreover, his wife was a brilliant woman whose significant contributions to his oeuvre are easy to overlook, but ultimately undeniable. –Huffington Post Books