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Update on Iris Print: Now with Bounced Royalty Checks

We blogged a couple of weeks ago about Iris Print and the speculations that it was closing its doors. One of the more prominent authors, Rebecca Day, had encouraged people to still buy her book Thaw that was published by Iris.

Tina, I wouldn’t say things are resolved – just that I’m reasonably confident that I’m eventually going to get some royalties from copies of Thaw that might sell as a consequence of any reviews.

Ms. Day has made a new announcement on the status of Iris Print.

The royalty check I received last week was returned by my bank for insufficient funds. I wrote Kellie yesterday, asking her to make good via Paypal, and have heard nothing.

It appears that Ms. Day will be able to get her rights back as soon as Kellie officially announces the closing of Iris Print but at this time asks people to not buy new copies of Thaw as there is no guarantee that Day will see any royalties from those sales.