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Dear Author

Are You a Grammar Goddess?

[poll id="169"] Here’s what’s on Google’s home page on May 16, 2009: Over 28,000 children drew doodles for our homepage. Vote for the one that will appear here! Anyone who has read this blog has already figured out that we… more

Dear Author

Video blogs

[poll id="166"] I’m curious to know what readers think of video blogs. Personally I think that a blog needs to have written content and that video can be complimentary to the written content.   What do you think? Would you watch/subscribe… more

Dear Author

Do you cry easily?

[poll id="165"] In an email conversation this morning, two of my friends admitted to being easy weepers. It takes a lot to get me going. Where do you fall? Any books that have made you cry lately? (Barbara Samuel’s A… more

Dear Author

Author Self Promotion

[poll id="164"] I’m working on an article of author online promotional dos/donts. This issue came to my attention by a reader who participates on the Amazon Discussion boards. The reader has been noticing an increase in author participation on the… more

Dear Author

Generational Divide Poll

[poll id="129"] I’m starting to wonder if there is a generational divide amongst readers of romance (and of writers too) wherein certain tropes appeal more to the older readers and certain tropes that appeal more to the younger readers. I… more

Dear Author

Voting Thread

[poll id="116"]    It’s hard to believe that election day is finally here.   For months, nothing has been more prominent in my mind and my reading than this election.   I feel so blessed to not only   have the opportunity to… more