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Dear Author

What Is Likely to Be the Most Pirated Book of 2009?

A:   Sarah Palin’s biography/political memoir.   Rumor is that Palin is going to get $7 million for her biography/memoir/collection of stump speeches about that terrorist loving President-Elect of ours, the Bridge to Nowhere, Joe the Plumber, Tito the Builder, Earmarks for Eskimos.   The problem for Palin is that she is generally disliked by the broad spectrum of literary folks and by those on the internet. I predict her book will be out on the internet, possibly even before publication, as everyone rushes to read it while not wanting to pay for it.

Dear Author

My Internet Boyfriend, Nate Silver, Shopping Around 2 Books

Nate Silver, god of the political predicting, is shopping around two books. If there was one place that sad liberals could go to make yourself feel better during this eternity of an election season, it was   As for why I call Nate Silver a god, it’s because it’s true and factual   The dude predicted the Super Tuesday delegate divvying within a dozen   (out of over 1600).   He accurately predicted North Carolina and Indiana primary results.   He was within one percentage point of the popular vote, predicted 49 of 50 states’ results correctly and all of the resolved Senate races correctly.   If Nate Silver were to write tomorrow that the world was flat, I would believe it.   


Update:   Nate Silver sold his two books to Penguin for $700,000.00.