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Thursday News: SCOTUS denies cert in Superman case, interview with Zane, Black women in British history exhibit, and Gif enhanced manuscripts

Thursday News: SCOTUS denies cert in Superman case, interview with Zane,...

That agreement was executed in the aftermath of Shuster’s death, when Peavy wrote to Warner subsidiary DC and asked the company to pay her brother’s final debts and expenses. DC agreed and also increased survivor benefits, but the company’s executive vp at the time, Paul Levitz, admonished, “This agreement would represent the author/heir’s last and final deal with DC and would fully resolve any past, present or future claims against DC.” –Hollywood Reporter

TR: Addicted pushed a lot of boundaries in its exploration of black women’s sexuality when it was released. How do you think the perception of black women’s sexuality has changed since Addicted came out?

Zane: I think women are more open about their feelings; they feel more liberated. I’ve had many women in their 40s and 50s tell me that they had never had an orgasm. Reading my books has made them open up enough to say what [they] want. If you really want someone to fall in love with you, the real you, you have to be transparent about who you are. And that includes your sexuality. There is nothing wrong with having desires—everybody has fantasies. –The Root

Now the organisers of an exhibition at the recently opened Black Cultural Archives (in Windrush Square in Brixton, south London) are hoping to skewer some myths regarding black life in the British Isles. The archives’ inaugural exhibition, Re-imagine: Black Women in Britain, has brought together a number of black women who made the country their home over the centuries. The stories of these women and their contributions to British life are a necessary corrective to the idea that we are somehow “new” to Britain. Consider Mary Prince, an enslaved woman from Bermuda – whose personal account of slavery was published in 1831, and was the first account of the life of a black woman in Britain. “I have been a slave myself,” she wrote. “The man that says slaves be quite happy in slavery – that they don’t want to be free – that man is either ignorant or a lying person. I never heard a slave say so.” She eventually lived and worked at the home of the Scottish writer Thomas Pringle, secretary of the Anti-Slavery Society. –The Guardian

Tuesday News: Hugo Nominees, Tencent’s global ambition, summer reads, and hilarious take on the Newlywed Game

Tuesday News: Hugo Nominees, Tencent’s global ambition, summer reads, and hilarious...

Announcing the 2014 Hugo Award Nominees – So the Hugo Award nominees have been announced. First of all, a HUGE congratulations to The Book Smugglers, which has been nominated for Best Fanzine. So well deserved! It’s also interesting to see the way the Hugo’s fiction categories are conceptualized, especially in comparison to an award like the RITA. I’m particularly intrigued by the “related work” category, which contains a piece by Kameron Hurley, called “We Have Always Fought: Challenging the Women, Cattle, and Slaves Narrative,” which got a lot of (deserved) attention last year for the way it takes on the habitual marginalization of women in the writing of fiction and history.

BEST NOVEL (1595 ballots)

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie (Orbit US / Orbit UK)
Neptune’s Brood by Charles Stross (Ace / Orbit UK)
Parasite by Mira Grant (Orbit US / Orbit UK)
Warbound, Book III of the Grimnoir Chronicles by Larry Correia (Baen Books)
The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson (Tor Books) –i09

China’s Tencent looking to expand globally to take on Facebook, Amazon and more – Although this article is refers to a longer piece in Fast Company, it’s a nice summary of a) what everyone seems to be looking for, namely a challenger to Amazon’s ever-growing empire, and b) the possibility that Tencent, a Chinese conglomerate that is currently worth $139 billion and serves almost a billion users, may be eyeing a number of US markets, from commerce to media to communications.

Similar to Alibaba, which is expected to IPO in the U.S. this week, Tencent is another tech conglomerate out of China that is hard to understand because it does so much. Just as Alibaba is considered Amazon, eBay and PayPal in one, Tencent offers an overwhelming mix of services, making it a serious threat to many U.S.-based companies. –Geek Wire

Best Summer Books 2014 – Not a Romance in sight, but PW’s recommended reads for the summer months is still an interesting mix. I’m intrigued by John Waters’s memoir based on his cross-country US hitchhiking experiment a couple of years ago, which resulted in some pretty hilarious sightings. –Publishers Weekly

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart Play the Newlywed Game – Possibly the best version of the Newlywed Game ever, and definitely the best bromance ever. –E! Online