Monday News: Murdoch rumored to bid on Penguin;  South Carolina SSNs compromised; Virginity cannot be conclusively proved

Monday News: Murdoch rumored to bid on Penguin; South Carolina...

“If you live in South Carolina, there’s a very good chance that slipshod state government security has allowed an overseas computer criminal to acquire your Social Security number.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue acknowledged the massive electronic security breach today, saying an electronic intrusion led to 3.6 million Social Security numbers being stolen. The state’s population is approximately 4.7 million. “Security & Privacy – CNET News

It’s still a somewhat sweet story that will likely be grounds for another book.Publishing Perspectives

According to reports in early 2012, education accounts for more than 60% of its earnings and sales. Pearson recently bought EmbanetCompass, a company that assists colleges to move academic courses online.  It has launched Pearson College in the UK, a for profit online college.

NewsCorp is reportedly willing to offer $1.6 billion in cash.

UPDATE: Per the comments Bertelsmann and Penguin have merged.

But, given that the winning bidder is going to pay close to three quarter of a million dollars for the deflowering, I’m guessing the bidder is similar to a romance hero and they always can tell with one thrust whether the heroine is a virgin. Their ability to sense virginity with their penii is unparalleled with their percentage correctness increasing proportionally with how slutty and whorish they believe the woman to be. Huffington Post