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Thursday News: It’s all vertical

Thursday News: It’s all vertical

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I’ve collated four interrelated stories for you as a snapshot of where entertainment / publishing may be going. The Macmillan one I’ve shared before but it bears repeating in this context. The companies are trying to create vertical silos of intellectual property. Instead of buying 50 Shades or Life of Pi from someone else or instead of selling the film rights to someone else, these conglomerates want to cradle to grave each piece of intellectual property. Only the biggest, strongest, fattest wallets survive this, I think.

Other news includes:

A-mazing. I mentioned on Twitter that I’ve read pig shifters, bear shifters, octopi shifters (and heard a rumor of a trout shifter from Samhain) but never an ape/gorilla shifter. I think it is Lillie who replied that in the Laurann Dohner New Species that some of the male main characters have Ape like characteristics and DNA.

This is why women use psuedonyms on the internt.

According to various sources, Amazon is imposing a data cap of 50MB on 3G access and limiting to, Wikipedia, and the Kindle Store. Some enterprising hacker revealed how to tether his 3G Kindle to his laptop, thereby using the 3G for free. Amazon and AT&T don’t like that.

Dear Author

The Other Boleyn Girl Movie Adaptation to Hit Screens February 29.

Those of you who loved the novel can now enjoy the upcoming movie The Other Boleyn Girl on February 29th. The book was originally reviewed by Jayne and received high marks. I believe three or four of the Oscars this year were adaptations of books. Lets hope this movie is as good.

And who doesn’t love movies good or bad. It’s a chance to gorge yourself on a large tub of buttered popcorn while chasing it with a 48 oz drink. By the time the trailers are finished you feel sick. At least its my modus operandi.