Friday News: Twitter tolerates harassment, animated films and the ‘fun father,’ Christian Romance goes up against 50 Shades, and Mac releases “Novel Romance” makeup collection

Friday News: Twitter tolerates harassment, animated films and the ‘fun father,’...

“As far as Twitter is concerned the ideal anti-harassment policy is just effective enough to prevent [Anita] Sarkeesian from leaving while simultaneously permitting thousands of people to enjoy harassing her every day. In this way Twitter doesn’t need to engage directly in the Charles Foster Kane-style yellow journalism of its predecessors; it reaps the same rewards (while incurring very few of the risks) by allowing users to do so on its behalf.”

In other words, the value of Twitter is such that people like Anita Sarkeesian can’t easily leave without losing a large amount of her community and voice. By withholding tools that would allow targeted individuals like her to manage who contacts her and how, as outlined above, Twitter drives up engagement. The people organizing the abuse are creating value for Twitter, there is no reason to stop them from doing so. –Polygon

So it’s interesting to see this trend in animated films where the mother is killed off (a kid lit staple), only to be replaced by the fun father. It is, of course, a very perverse way of bringing the father into the domestic sphere, and it’s one that relies on the absence of the mother. So what does all of this say about how we imagine fathers, how different genres and media represent them, and how they are treated relative to mothers.

Quite simply, mothers are killed in today’s kids’ movies so the fathers can take over. (Of course, there are exceptions; in Lilo and Stitch, for instance, both of Lilo’s parents die and it’s her big sister who becomes the surrogate parent.) The old fairy-tale, family-romance movies that pitted poor motherless children against horrible vengeful stepmothers are a thing of the past. Now plucky children and their plucky fathers join forces to make their way in a motherless world. The orphan plot of yore seems to have morphed, over the past decade, into the buddy plot of today. Roll over, Freud: in a neat reversal of the Oedipus complex, the mother is killed so that the children can have the father to themselves. Sure, women and girls may come and go, even participate in the adventure, but mothers? Not allowed. And you know what? It looks like fun! –The Atlantic

Swartzwelder is already riding the buzz surrounding the two very different films opening up on the same night. His own comparison pretty much sums up this upcoming box office battle.

“One is a modestly budgeted indie flick that seeks to make room for godly romance in contemporary America,” he wrote on his blog. “The other is a multi-million dollar studio film based on a best-selling erotic novel that has… other goals in mind.” –E! Online

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