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Blogathon for Charity

Blogathon for Charity

It must be the week/month/etc for good deeds. This past weekend, limecello raised over $1000 to give to RED by starting out a post pledging just $10. Inspired by her generosity (limecello is broke, no job and law school loans), others began to donate their money in exchange for comments as well. It was exciting to see how one person made such a big difference.

ONE-TOUCH-OF-SCANDALWe have another cash for comment charity idea to present to you. In celebration of Liz Carlyle’s latest release, One Touch of Scandal, Avon is pledging up to $3000 to give to Liz’s chosen charity which is Cat Angels ( She says, "It’s a small, sweet organization with fuzzy pictures and no large benefactors at all." For every comment that is made here or at other blog spots like Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, Avon will match that comment with a dollar donation.

I am, I admit, not a huge animal lover but as a user of Icanhazcheeseburger pictures every week, I should be doing something to support animal rescue efforts like those of Cat Angels. It doesn’t cost you guys anything, but a few seconds to tap out a comment in support. Thanks!

Dear Author

Top Romances of 2009 by Jane

Picking out the ten best reads of 2009 was hard. It was hard because I had 6 A rated books but then I had to delve into the B+s and determine from that strong group who ranked in my top 10. I based my decision on re-readability. I’ve re-read portions of all of these books at one point or another.   There are other books which I loved this year that are outside the genre so I intentionally excluded them.

I noticed that I loved the scoundrel redeemed story which is pretty much the dominant theme in my best loved historicals of the year.   I’ve read into the first quarter of 2010 and I have to say we romance readers have a good year ahead of us.