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Monday News: Ladies are spending more money on books than men; Breaking down the science in Breaking Bad; and Lance Armstrong’s publishing fraud lawsuit

Monday News: Ladies are spending more money on books than men;...

By marketing himself as a drug-free All-American hero, Roddy argued that Armstrong induced consumers into buying books they would not have purchased if they had known the truth about his cheating and doping. If they had known Armstrong’s story was a “fairy tale,” Roddy said, “nobody would have paid more than a penny” for the books.

The parties seem to agree that the lies within the the pages of the book are all protected speech and it is the marketing around the book that is the subject of the lawsuit. In essence, the plaintiffs argue that this is a truth in advertising claim whereas the defendants want the case to be measured under First Amendment right to free speech. USA Today

Thursday News: Fern Michaels wins a defamation suit; Harlequin revenues down; Men more likely to say I love you first; Science scares me

Thursday News: Fern Michaels wins a defamation suit; Harlequin revenues down;...

Today marks the first day in our August giveaway extravanganza. I don’t know why but I thought it might be fun to solicit authors and publishers to see if they would give away stuff to the Dear Author community. I opened it up to anyone, including self published authors so long as the SP authors had editors. We had a great response. Over 70 authors and publishers agree to provide books, gift certificates and even swag to our readers.

Every day we’ll feature a new giveaway. I hope you come and celebrate reading with us during the month of August.

If I wind up dead, please know that Mary Kuczkir, the author Fern Michaels, more (than) likely arranged for it to happen. Please don’t respond. I want a black/white record. Shelley Dangerfield.

This email was forwarded by Craig Dilley to a website that promotes romance authors. Dilley was found to have defamed Michaels because they could not prove the truth of the statement – that Michaels was trying to murder the Shelley Dangerfield.

Even though the judge found that Michaels had suffered no damages, he still ordered the defamer, Craig Dilley, to pay $75,000.

Attorneys for Michaels, who filed the lawsuit under her legal name, Mary Kuczkir, argued that the writer of almost 100 bestsellers was not a public figure. Michaels claimed she was unable to write for six months and lost $850,000 in income due to her distress. Seventh Judicial Circuit Judge Roger Couch ruled “there was no apparent adverse effect on her earning capacity,” nor was there evidence her book sales suffered or she was denied publishing privileges due to the email.

The facts in the case are so sketchy that it’s hard to make out exactly what the claim was. Defamation per se doesn’t need any proof of damages and calling someone a murderer might fall under that category so the $75,000 may be punitive damages. Again, hard to say and frankly I find the verdict/ruling a bit ridiculous.

One of the reasons for the decline was a weakness in the direct to consumer sales.  Yahoo! Finance

Jennifer Ashley’s shifters wear collars that allow the human government to control their emotions to a certain extent. Collars or other microchips could be used to do more than simply suppress emotion or give off an electrical surge to control instinct. Clearly advanced technology suggests that full control over a lesser being could be done through harnessing EEG signals and processing them. Yay??? ExtremeTech