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Wednesday Midday Links:  Amazon’s Silk Privacy Policy Satisfies EFF

Wednesday Midday Links: Amazon’s Silk Privacy Policy Satisfies EFF

EFF, a watchdog for internet privacy rights, questioned Amazon about SILK and the use of data to create predictive web browsing patterns. According to the answers given by Amazon to EFF, Amazon does not intercept encrypted traffic and it logs only the URL requested, the timestamp, and token identifying the session. EFF deems this to be good but does have two remaining concerns. First, Amazon keeps a list of the URLs you visit, a history of searches, and may download identifying information (although inadvertently). Read here for more detailed information.


The National Book Awards became a true debacle on Monday. A NBA staff person was relayed the list of nominations over the phone and heard “Shine” instead of “Chime”. Apparently author names were not included? Thus, last week, Lauren Myracle’s Shine was short listed for the Young Person’s Literature NBA award. When the short list was announced, a NBA judge realized that it should not have been Myracle’s “Shine” announced but rather “Chime” by Franny Billingsley. NBA said that in order to protect “The integrity of the awards” Myracle would have to withdraw.  She agreed to do so.

“Shine” (A | BN | S | K) is enjoying a rise in sales.  It is #522 in overall Books at Amazon and Myracle’s story has been featured in the NYTimes, PW, and Vanity Fair.  I don’t know if that can take away the sting suffered by Myracle.  Frankly, NBA should have kept her name on the list and let the chips fall where they may.


Harlequin has announced that it will completely cease support for Mobi and LIT files on its site.

The Harlequin Ebook Store will be discontinuing support for Microsoft Reader Ebooks (.LIT) and Mobipocket Ebooks (.PRC). As part of the wind-down process, we ask that you please download and archive any purchases prior to December 31, 2011.

Starting January 2011, past purchases of Microsoft Reader and Mobipocket Ebooks will no longer be available for download from your Harlequin Ebook Bookshelf.

The problem with this is that if you move computers, you will have difficulty reauthorizing these books because of DRM, particularly the MS LIT files because Microsoft will be ceasing support for that format shortly.  If you have a number of LIT files, they may not be accessible in the future.  Because of this, I would urge Harlequin to replace every MSLIT and Mobi purchase with ePub files.


I received an email from HarperCollins on Monday that it choose its first Avon Impulse title from the non agented slush pile. (Is non agented slush pile redundant?)  Apparently editors rotate on a weekly basis in monitoring the submissions it receives via the electronic submission site  During Wendy Lee’s rotation, she read a query from Carla Swafford which Lee purchased.  It is called Circle of Desire and is a steamier version of the show “Alias” with spies, double agents, and assassins.  Circle of Desire will go on-sale in digital edition on October 18, 2011 (the print edition will become available on November 8).

Then I caught site of this article over at Paid Content.  Authonomy, HarperCollins’ community based self publishing endeavor, will now have a digital imprint where the best writers will be picked to publish their works as “e-originals.”.  The titles that sell well will get print deals.


Berkley / NAL will launch its own digital first imprint called Intermix in January 2012.  The initial offerings will be titles from Nora Roberts and other “beloved authors” as well as original works from new authors.

InterMix will launch in January 2012 with the release of eleven classic books from Nora Roberts—titles that have never before been available as eBooks, including such popular series as Cordina’s Royal Family and The Donovan Legacy and several novels featuring fan favorites the O’Hurleys.  Additional Nora Roberts eBooks will be published throughout 2012, with the second group—including seven of Roberts’s beloved novels about the MacGregor family—available in April.


In February, InterMix will revive the renowned Signet Regency line with the release of six popular romance titles that have never before been published as eBooks.  Signet Regency, a popular line of Regency-era romances, began in the mid-1970s and became the leading publisher of Regency romances.  Three additional Regency-set romances will be released each following month throughout 2012.  And later in the year, InterMix will bring back four novels in the classic Guinevere Jones series from bestselling writer Jayne Ann Krentz, writing as Jayne Castle, that have long been out of print and have never been available as eBooks.

As an FYI, I was invited to acquire for this new line but decided against it because of time and other projects.  I confess being ridiculously excited about the reprinting of the Guinevere Jones books however, the pricing of these books aren’t going to make me happy. According to Sarah at SmartBitches, the Nora Roberts books will sell for $6.99 and I suspect that the Guinevere Jones will also be in this price range.


Jennifer Porter of Romance Novel News posted about her score from Borders.  It wasn’t books, it was bookshelves.

So, my husband had a brilliant idea when Borders went into liquidation – rather than buy books, why not get discounted shelving units. We purchased 12 3-foot sections that are roughly 7 feet tall. My husband went to one of our local stores right before they closed for good, took the shelves apart and carted them home. He was like a man on a mission, getting them set up in one of our spare bedrooms.

That is awesome.


Nina Bruhns writes about self publishing on the Happily Ever After blog.  Bruhns believes that a mix of self publishing and traditional publishing has allowed her to earn a “fair living” from her writing for the first time:

HEA: How do your e-pub earnings differ from your print earnings?

Nina: The best difference is that as an indie publisher, I get a paycheck every month instead of just twice a year. That is wonderful!

Bottom line, I will probably earn as much this year for each book as I have earned over the entire life of its print publication. With any luck that will continue for many more years! And I really look forward to seeing what will happen when I start indie-publishing new novels directly to e-book. Obviously, that’s where the true potential lies.

I can’t tell you what a huge relief it is to know that I am finally able to earn a fair living, without constantly having to worry about if and when the next contract — or even paycheck — will come. Instead of my livelihood being totally dependent upon the fickle tastes and whims of the N.Y. publishers, I am now in charge of my own career. If I write a good book, I know the readers will find it.


BN is selling pre owned Nook Colors for $149.

Dear Author

Prom Nights from Hell by Meg Cabot, Kim Harrison, Michele Jaffe,...

I’ve got a hardcover copy of this book to giveaway to a random commenter. You just need to post the best bad date/bad prom night story in your memory banks. The comments will close on Sunday, April 22.

My worst date was in college. I hadn’t much dating experience. My parents were strict and my social circle was small. I was a bit overweight, quite mousy and spent most of my time with my books. By the time I got to college, I may have had a dozen dates under my belt. I fully intended to throw myself head first into the dating pool which we all know is very dangerous.

It was early fall and I owned a pair of white jeans. Yep, white. We all now know where this is going, right? I had a spill. I went to the bathroom and tried to scrub said spill out only when you add water to spills and then adding scrubbing, it only ends in a larger, MUCH larger stain. Luckily I had a cardigan which I proceeded to wrap around my waist. I returned to my seat, proclaimed that I wasn’t feeling well and made the boy take me home. I was too humiliated to ever see him again.

I have never wore white pants since.