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Tuesday News: New Nook Pricing, Kindle Rumors, Reader Data, and Paypal Clarification

Tuesday News: New Nook Pricing, Kindle Rumors, Reader Data, and Paypal...

Sarah Wendell attended Tools of Change and has two round up post.

  • Post 1
  • Post 2.  This post had interesting information about Goodreads.  One thing that caught my eye was this: “Angela James asked during the Q&A what the minimum threshold of ratings a book needed to have in order to be added to the recommendation engine. Chandler didn’t know the exact figure, but guessed it was maybe about 100 ratings.”

The NYTimes obituary of John Fairfax was being sent around twitter yesterday because who can resist repeating these lines:

At 9, he settled a dispute with a pistol. At 13, he lit out for the Amazon jungle.

At 20, he attempted suicide-by-jaguar. Afterward he was apprenticed to a pirate.

Sounds like it was the obituary of this guy from the Dos Equis commercials labeled as the most interesting man in the world.

He married an astrologer and had no kids.

Sunita D points us to a comment of a library science student that the restriction of access to digital books at the library will increase the digital divide and suggests that readers contact their legislators.

We’re one of the few places left in our society where a great cross-section of people regularly interact, and also one of the few places that is free and non-commercial. Even museums, to bow and scrape to the master of Austerity, have begun to put branding on their exhibits, as if they were a sort of cultural NASCAR. We have amazing potential power, but without concerted effort I’m afraid it will be wasted.

Barnes & Noble has rejiggered its device offerings. Nook Color is now $169 and the Nook Tablet comes in 8 GB for $199 and 16 GB for $249. BN

Digitimes says that Amazon is launching a Kindle Fire 9 or 10″ device and a color eink device. Digitimes is often wrong but Amazon has always been purported to be launching a larger Fire. CNET Asia

Yesterday, I wrote that Paypal was cracking down on publishers and retailers of books who sold books containing incest, rape, bestiality.  I referenced Siren Publishing as one of those targeted and received this email which I have the permission to reprint in its entirety:

Kindly get your facts straight.

Siren-BookStrand Publishing NEVER has and NEVER will publish books with the disgusting themes of incest, pseudo incest, rape for sexual titillation, or bestiality with naturally occurring animals. ALL of these incest, pseudo-incest, rape, and bestiality titles were uploaded to the e-book store,, mainly by self-pubbed authors who don’t know where to draw the line when it comes to obscenity. We have deactivated those self-pubbed titles from BookStrand as per PayPal’s specific request. Currently, these are the same titles still offered for sale by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance Ebooks.

As for rape, we carry about a small handful of titles (out of the 2,000 we have published) where rape was portrayed as a criminal act of sexual assault that left our heroines psychologically damaged as they struggled to rebuild their lives and found love and trust again with the heroes. As for bestiality, hopefully you aren’t mistaking this filthy act with a family dog or a pet goat for an HEA romance and sex with shape-shifting sentient beings such as wolf-shifters, dragon-shifters, etc., in their human or partial human form.

I don’t know what your agenda is, but it is irresponsible of you for not checking your facts before making such an outlandish and false statement.

I demand that you remove such blatant inaccuracy that stems from your ignorance about what we publish.

Siren Publishing

There you go.  Any stuff that is offensive at Bookstrand is from self published authors who don’t know where the line is and bestiality would only occur if you mistake the lovely books that they publish where the shape-shifting sentient beings are only partially shifted.


Monday Links & Deals: BN Subsidizes Nook; OLPC Tablet Coming to Market

Monday Links & Deals: BN Subsidizes Nook; OLPC Tablet Coming to...


BN and People are offering a subsidized Nook in exchange for a subscription to People magazine.

The Nook edition of People is $9.99 a month; with a one-year subscription, customers will receive a Nook Tablet, a color device with a 7-inch display, for $199, a discount from its regular price of $249. Customers who buy a one-year subscription for the Nook edition of The New York Times for $19.99 a month, which includes access to, will receive a black-and-white Nook Simple Touch free or a Nook Color for $99.

BN announced last week that they had over promised on the Nook Simple Touch expectations.


USA Today noted that there is a big change in reading habits as reflected by their bestseller list:

 The latest [USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books] list, based on sales data from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1, shows a remarkable burst of digital book sales after e-readers were unwrapped as gifts — for 42 of the top 50 titles, the e-book editions were the most popular format. The previous high, in July, was 25 of the top 50.

It will be interesting to see whether that is a temporary blip or one that continues to be maintained throughout the year.


Solar Focus is bringing a solar powered case to the Kindle making the Kindle the camper’s choice.

Solarfocus says the SolarKindle can provide as much as three days of reading time after just one hour of solar charge. The peripheral only works for the low-end, non-touch Kindle models and also is not compatible with the Kindle Fire.


The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program has been about developing a very low cost computer to help bridge the digital divide.  With its new tablet that runs on minimal power (and comes with a hand crank! and option solar panel), OLPC might be ready to deliver on its promise.  I really want one of these.  In previous incarnations, if you bought one, you could gift one to a child in need.   This might be a new favorite charity for my family and I.

The great thing about the OLPC laptop? It looks like a high end device.


Nintendo is getting into the book market.  Actually, I can totally see a cross over between some magazines and comics and video gaming console owners:

 It was hearing that Nintendo is planning to launch a digital e-reader type service where you can download books, magazines, newspapers, comics, and other publications to your Wii U console. These publications would stream to your Wii U controller’s touchscreen, and you could go lay in your bed or couch and read them. The touch screen would be used to flip through pages of an e-book or magazine, and there would even be a searchable index.


Jack McKeown says that there is an increasing resistance to digital reading:

As McKeown observes, “While e-reader ownership rates have increased in a dramatic fashion since our first survey in December, 2009, so too has the level of resistance. The dynamic movement highlighted in this data suggests that over time, consumers have moved out of the ‘not sure’ category in one of two directions:  a.) toward actual ownership, or a high probability of near-term ownership of a dedicated e-reader; or b.) into the ranks of resistors for whom the devices do not yet offer a compelling ‘relative advantage’ to overcome their conservatism re: printed books.”

This resistance must be on what executives like Hachette executive, Maja Thomas, pins their 50% market limit for ebooks.


Cuddlebuggery recounts the first five days of 2012 on Goodreads.  She forgets the total flame out of Julie Halpern here and here. (Halpern’s flame out begins with these immortal words “I awoke this morning with my usual google search of myself”) These author contretemps are primarily YA and self published authors.   I’m going to write a bit more on this tomorrow.



I’m throwing some of these coupons out here because I put a few up last week and it appears that people are using them. If you don’t like seeing them, let me know and I won’t include them. I’m only providing links to the ones with coupon codes.  I could also put the coupon codes in the sidebar instead on in a post?


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