REVIEW:  The Demon You Know by Julie Kenner

REVIEW: The Demon You Know by Julie Kenner

Dear Ms. Kenner,

When I got your recent email newsletter, I was so happy to see that there’s going to be a new book in the Kate Connor “Demon Hunting Soccer Mom” series. And to whet my appetite and get me back into this world, you also have a short novella – now available on its own -from Smashwords in lots of lovely ebook formats. Sweet!

demon-you-knowWith not a lot of room to spare, you get straight down to business in the story yet still manage to compactly introduce the main characters of the book and move the ones who aren’t central to this story conveniently out of the way before the action starts. Kate’s fourteen year old daughter Allie, who’s begun training with her mom to become a demon hunter, is supposedly off for a teenage night out at the mall before heading off to a slumber party. Only the kids have pulled a fast one on the parents and are actually at a party. Allie isn’t too sure about either the place or the slightly older guy hosting the party which, oddly, seems to be designed more for teens than twenty year olds. She does know there’s something wrong with the punch everyone’s getting drunk off of and, when the true situation shows its ugly colors, that she’s not ready to defeat the demon by herself. But how to get mom there in time to save the day?

All the hallmarks of a Kate Connor story are here – the characters, the SoCal location, 14 year old Allie trying to be a little more grown up than she actually is yet basically a good girl at heart, her friend Mindy, Mindy’s mom Laura who is Kate’s best friend and, of course, a demon hell bent on wrecking havoc. With as many of them as seem to like this lovely little town, it’s amazing that the population at large still has no idea that they’re in as much perpetual danger as they are. But with Kate to save the day, they’ve got a fighting chance for survival. Kate also somehow manages to keep the reality of what’s going on from the newspaper front pages and Facebook (“I was at a weird party last night and almost became a human sacrifice!”) As usual, I enjoyed the mother/daughter relationship, and the fact that Allie can still have her sulky, teen moments.

But mother and daughter are starting to work great together as a team – including the shared use of “weapons” – and I can’t wait for the next full length adventure. This time actually in – I hope – the catacombs of Rome. B