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HarperCollins Settles with Judith Regan

Sadly what could have provided salacious gossip in the publishing world for months is put to bed. Judith Regan and HarperCollins have put away their litigation swords for an undisclosed sum of money and a sort of apology.

“After carefully considering the matter, we accept Ms. Regan’s position that she did not say anything that was anti-Semitic in nature, and further believe that Ms. Regan is not anti-Semitic.”

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Jose Conseco Needs New Ghostwriter

Jose Conseco Needs New Ghostwriter


Jose Conseco’s next book tentatively titled, Vindicated, has lost its ghostwriter/editor. Don Yaeger, a former Sports Illustrated writer, has passed on the project believing that there isn’t enough there to form a book.

Conseco’s first book, Juiced published by Judith Regan of the former Regan Books imprint, set off a firestorm within baseball when Conseco tore the curtain away that hid baseball’s dirty secret: years of high profile players taking performance enhancing drugs.

Not one player who was named in Conseco’s original book ever sued him for defamation and almost all of his allegations (if not all) were born out as truth in subsequent proceedings. (Who can forget Rafael Palmeiro standing before Congress and stating, under oath, that he never took steroids?)

Vindicated is supposedly going to expose Alex Rodriguez in some manner but the majority of baseball fans think he’s an ass already so perhaps Yaeger didn’t want to add to the pile on.