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Wednesday News: Net neutrality ruling, James Frey is back, a Pride and Prejudice proposal, BBC Map series, and an author attends his own book’s discussion

Wednesday News: Net neutrality ruling, James Frey is back, a Pride...

“Another fear among Net neutrality supporters is that broadband providers could create tiers of service that would require Internet companies trying to reach their customers over this infrastructure to pay a fee for a certain quality of service. For example, Amazon may pay Verizon to prioritize its traffic to ensure that its streaming services get a better quality of service or so that its Web pages load more quickly. Net neutrality supporters say such a system would relegate smaller Internet companies, which cannot afford to pay for priority service, to a slower and less reliable Internet. These Net neutrality advocates say this will stifle innovation.” CNET News

“Paul Constant, books editor at Seattle’s the Stranger, tweeted, ‘James Frey is still terrible, and he’s still being rewarded for it. His Hunger Games ripoff sold for $2 million.’ Writer Sarah Weinman followed by tweeting, ‘Suzanne Collins’ people should be looking at this with a very, very fine-toothed comb.’” Los Angeles Times

“The night the club was to meet, I showed up early, thinking I’d introduce myself at the start and ask if they wanted me there or not. But it was an informal setting, and it just felt too pompous to pop up and exclaim, “Hello, I’m the author!” I decided to wait until we were all supposed to introduce ourselves. I’d identify myself then, quietly reveling in the murmurs of surprise and delight that were sure to follow when they discovered the great man himself was among them.” New York TImes

Dear Author

Friday Midday Links: Authors as the new imprint

Samhain freebies:

Pack Challenge is a very fun book and while I thought that Holiday Bound was a bit too short for the story, it’s a worthy freebie.

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Janet Evanovich is looking for co authors. She had success with Charlotte Hughes and is looking to add three or four more writers to her stable.   Her daughter, Alex, is the person in charge of the co author program and there is another editor that reports to Alex.      I read in one report she was looking for thriller writers but I don’t really see Evanovich as a thriller writer or having a thriller reading audience.


James Frey is a now book packager, amongst other things in publishing.   I thought this was a fascinating look at book packaging and ghost writing and how authors are becoming epicenters of publishing in ways that may not have been true 15 years ago.   To sign on with Frey, authors get $500 and promise of a 30-49% revenue share down the road.

For Mr. Frey’s new venture, Full Fathom Five, the author oversees lesser-known writers as they develop fictional ideas into books that he then markets to publishers and film studios. Its first offering, “I Am Number Four,” is a young-adult science-fiction thriller about an alien who comes to Earth as an Ohio teenager. It was published in August and hit the best-seller list. Michael Bay brought the project to DreamWorks Studios, where partners Stacey Snider and Steven Spielberg acquired the film rights after reading the book, with Mr. Bay as producer.


I still maintain to this day that the Cameron Dean series published by Random House was the result of a book packager and I believe all three stories were written by different people.   Isn’t it odd that despite the bestseller status of those books that no other book has ever been published under the CD name?   And yes, I am still bitter I read that entire series.


The $99 eink reader is here, but it’s the wifi version.   Best Buy is offering the wifi nook at $99 which is $50 off the $149 price.


GalleyCat reports that 45,00 kids are participating in the NaNoWriMo challenge which is a writing challenge design to encourage people to write a novel.   I think this is just an awesome idea to involve kids.


In sad news, Megan McKinney pled guilt to an elaborate case of Katrina fraud. I loved McKinney’s books particularly Lions and Lace.