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Intellectual Property Issues

Thursday News: Apple granted a patent for page turns; Bookstore sales fall 8%; Goodreads posts about book discovery

Thursday News: Apple granted a patent for page turns; Bookstore sales...

*Skeumorphism is the concept of making a digital device replicate physical objects. I.e., the hideous looking background for the bookshelf in iBooks. 

For Slammed, that initial buzz paid off in a big way. In late April, the Goodreads Recommendation Engine picked up the book. On average, a book needs to have several hundred ratings before it starts to be included by our algorithm. From that point forward, it became the dominant way that Goodreads members discovered the book. That’s the blue section you see in the graph.

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Dear Author

Wednesday News: Two incredible essays from authors–one tragic and one hysterical

More and more, we were left with people who were neither part of the faith nor its culture, the truly deracinated, as it were; or else, those for whom the faith was all. In a world of ever sharper polarities, the cultural Muslim, around till just the other day, had been edged out; he was, in some respects, the supreme casualty of the age.

A touching essay on a terrible tragedy and one that speaks to the danger of the written word.  As Taseer admits, once he has written the book what people do with it cannot be controlled by him.  His not writing the book would not have prevented his father’s death.  It only affected the post death justice or injustice as the case may be. Huffington Post

I tell a friend of mine about all of this, and after she finishes being horrified she starts laughing. “I’m sorry. But you really had an Ultimate White Lady Problem in that room, getting your feet rubbed, pan flutes playing, wondering if you just gave your baby AIDS through your butt.”