Tuesday News: Book sales stabilizing?; Holiday Tree Safety Tips; Copyright Preventing Creative Works

Tuesday News: Book sales stabilizing?; Holiday Tree Safety Tips; Copyright Preventing...

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One reader emailed me and suggested that if B&N falls due to its large size and its rental commitments and the decline of paper sales overall, the indie bookstore will rise up. Ann Patchett spoke passionately about her new bookstore in Nashville.  According to Oren Teicher, head of the ABA, more indies have opened doors than closed them.

But Oren Teicher, head of the American Booksellers Association, says that in the past three years, more indies have opened than closed. Thanks in part to a growing “buy local” movement, he says, stores like Patchett’s are part of a “modestly upward trend.” 

The EPA estimates that Americans alone turn over about 130 million cell phones each year, and the number is growing as more people in more households adopt smartphones as their primary communication tool. Cell phones also have shorter lifespans than, say, a computer or a TV, about 18 months on average before owners buy the next hot thing. 

The good thing is that there is a growing number of firms that are interested in taking old electronics and if not repurposing them then re using the individual components, either melted down or whole, and sold into the commodities market. CNET Blogs

RWA was sending a message that if your books aren’t solely romance, you don’t belong in RWA. Yesterday, months after the RWA convention and the RITA rules change, the RWA’s Women’s Fiction chapter announced it will disband because it no longer conforms to RWA bylaws. (Although I am sure RWA will be happy to accept your $500 plus registration fee if you want to come to the convention) Deanna Raybourn