Dear Author

Data Breaches and Why I’m Angry

This article at Salon had me seeing red. The title is “Americans Are Getting Apathetic About Huge Data Breaches.”

My first reaction was “Are you [expletive] KIDDING ME?

The context was the massive, massive breach of J.P. Morgan.

Articles here (Fast Company) and here (NY Times). Time downplays it here.

Thanks a lot Time, that’s some great advice about what we poor suckers can do once it’s too late. Did someone edit out the part where you blame the bank? Can we not ask why ALL the data isn’t encrypted? How about that?

Americans are getting apathetic. Right.

Let me ask you this: What can YOU, personally, do to prevent server hacks at companies where you do not work? Perhaps a polite inquiry to the teller to please take better care of your personal information? Or perhaps you should ask to inspect the card swiper at your local super-duper store before every purchase. Don’t swipe that card until you have received proof it’s hacker and malware free.  Contact every company where you’ve ever done business or visited their website and ask them to please stop selling your data because the parts are easy to cobble together to personally identify you. I’m sure they’ll do that the minute you explain.

What’s the answer?





You can’t do anything. It’s your data. Your money. Your information. And you can’t do anything about it.

The strength of your password, whether or not you use two-factor authentication, whether you use a VPN, or even encrypt your hard drive is irrelevant when someone hacks into your bank’s server and takes data that includes yours.

If we’re apathetic it’s because it happens ALL THE TIME.

Why does it happen all the time?

Because nothing bad happens to a company when they don’t adequately protect customer data.

Because they have the money to lobby to gut consumer protections and that is exactly what they do.

This is utter BS.

Seriously. All you get is a stupid letter saying they’ll pay for credit monitoring for you for a year.

How about companies spend some real money securing their infrastructure?

How about the government steps up and says the fine is $100 per account stolen or hijacked off a server or sales system?

There’s some [expletive] incentive for you.

Rant over.