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GIVEAWAY Virginia Kantra’s Dare Island

GIVEAWAY Virginia Kantra’s Dare Island


We’ve reviewed and recommended the Dare Island series by Virginia Kantra regularly here on Dear Author. This past Tuesday, the latest episode in the series was released. Jayne gave Carolina Blues a B-:

Their initial physical hookup is when each is trying to believe that this is nothing but a rebound for him and a quick, summer fling for her. It’s a chance for some physical intimacy and to feel more alive but nothing long lived or lasting. Or so each wants to believe. It’s refreshingly realistic that despite any electrical “zings” when their hands meet that neither believes this is “twu wuv” leading to “Mawwiage.” And points for managing to include one of my favorite movies in the story. This book is definitely a bit hawter than the last with Jack and Lauren, as Meg Fletcher puts it, going at it like bunnies.

In conjunction with its release, DA is hosting a giveaway sponsored by Ms. Kantra to help introduce new readers to her series.

Jack Rossi is Dare Island’s new police chief. The laid-back North Carolina community is just what he needs to recover from a rocky marriage and a big-city police department. He’s learned his lesson: no more high-profile women or high-pressure jobs. The last thing he wants is an unconventional alt girl rocking his world.

Grad student Lauren Patterson made headlines when she kept a bank robbery from going bad. She’s fled to Dare Island to clear her head and focus on writing her story. However, sexy Jack Rossi is a distraction that’s too hot to ignore, and it’s igniting an affair too combustible to resist—or quit.

But when their pasts come looking for them, Jack and Lauren find themselves fighting for the future they deserve, whatever the price.

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Giveaway ARCS: 10 copies of A Matter of Grave Concern by Brenda Novak

Giveaway ARCS: 10 copies of A Matter of Grave Concern by...

A Matter of Grave Concern

I’ve heard a lot of readers wanting non titled, non Regency set historicals so when Montlake came to me with an offer to giveaway ten ARCs of Brenda Novak’s upcoming historical romance A MATTER OF GRAVE CONCERN to US readers and 4 $5 GC to the online retailer of your choice for the international readers, I said yes. The description is below and it sounds like it could be fascinating. It’s at least different.

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“You have done comprehensive research on the subject, have you?”

“I wouldn’t say comprehensive…but I am not completely unaware of what goes on between a man and a woman.”

Due to the darkness, Abigail was having difficulty reading the expressions on Wilder’s face. If she wasn’t mistaken, he seemed to be struggling against a smile. “And what did your textbooks teach you? Do you think a woman such as yourself would enjoy the experience?”

“Enjoy it? How preposterous, Mr. Wilder. Of course not. Sexual congress isn’t to be enjoyed, at least by the female. It is suppose to satisfy the male primate’s drive to mate, to ensure the longevity of the race.”

When Maximillian Wilder hides his noble identity and joins the notorious body snatchers known as the London Supply Company, the last thing on his mind is love. He’s worried about Madeline, his vanished half sister, who was last seen in the company of Jack Hurtsill, the gang’s conscienceless leader. Raiding graveyards, stealing corpses, and selling them to medical colleges as dissection material is dirty work, but Max knows he must gain Jack’s trust. He’s determined to find out what happened to Madeline—and to bring Jack to justice if she was murdered for the coin her body could earn.

Beautiful, spirited Abigail Hale, daughter of the surgeon at Aldersgate School of Medicine, detests the challenging, hard-bargaining Max almost as much as Jack. But she must procure the necessary specimens if she is to save the college and her father’s career. She believes she is going to be successful—until Jack double-crosses her. Then she’s swept into a plot of danger and intrigue, one where Max must intervene to protect her, no matter the risk to his plan…or his heart.

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