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Dear Author

Monday News: Pinkingwashing books for your kids; 3D printed organs; Bad...

Even if I’m not pink washing books for the tot, I do censor what she reads. I hated Junie B Jones books because of the non stop inaccurate grammar and Junie B’s poor attitude so after the first one, I refused to buy them. After the second Diary book, I told my tot she could read them but I wasn’t going to buy them anymore because I thought the narrator was a lying, selfish, horrible friend. She’s moved on.

Is that pink washing?




Thursday News: eReatah subscription site launches; Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald; Romance readers dissed again

Thursday News: eReatah subscription site launches; Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald;...

“You may think I’m joking, but look around you—if you know someone who legitimately loves these books, who gets the funny squirmies while reading them, who won’t shut the fuck up about Charlie Hunnam, this person has never had good sex.”

This is actually been disproven by at least one scientific study According to a scientific study conducted by Harold Leitenberg of The Journal of Sex Research and Psychological Bulletin, women who read romance or erotic novels have 74% more sex with their partners than those who don’t.

This is because women fantasize more frequently, and have more intense and realistic fantasies, when they read suggestive content. The report states that women not only have more sex, but are having better sex by engaging in more playful, and a wider variety of erotic activities. In fact, according to The Fertility Advocate, the use of reading to boost sexual desire is called Bibliotherapy and is recommended by therapists to encourage women to get their groove on in the bedroom.