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Wednesday Midday News Roundup: historical fact v. entertainment

Generation Y women like social networking and sharing their thoughts on the products that they buy.   This is, apparently, news.   It is not something that ebook manufacturers have caught on yet, though.   The current ebook reader enthusiast is a 47-year-old… more

Dear Author

The Rake

see more Lolcats and funny pictures There is not a more common hero archetype in historical romance than the “rake”. In my early days of reading, I always viewed the “rake” as a sign of virility of the hero.   In… more

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Golden Era of Romance

[poll id="194"] McVane has kindly thought up some poll ideas for me. (They are hard, you guys!).   I thought this topic was particularly apt given two things.   First, there are some readers who believe that the best of romance is… more

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Genre Labels Poll

[poll id="173"] Today we are going to have a #followreader discussion on the issue of genre labels on Twitter wherein we have to express our opinion in 140 characters! I’m interested in hearing what you have to say in the… more