Friday News: Pearson profits down, Adobe develops new DRM, does reading increase intelligence, Flowers in the Attic movie wins big ratings, and vintage Mac reviews

Friday News: Pearson profits down, Adobe develops new DRM, does reading...

“On the plus side, Pearson said it had seen “good profit growth” at the Financial Times, with strong growth in digital subscriptions offsetting weak advertising sales and lower print circulation.” BBC News

“The new set of DRM for ePub files has been pushed out to Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 and Adobe Content Server. Adobe has been working with their publishing and hardware partners, such as Sony, to refine the code before they released it to the public. This time around Adobe wants to keep the source code under lock and key to prevent people from writing decryption tools and plugins for popular conversion software like Calibre.” Good E-Reader

“In part to answer that question, I spent three years interviewing psychologists and neuroscientists around the world, reviewing their studies and testing new methods they claim can increase intelligence. Bookworms, after all, rarely emerge from their literary cocoons in order to become social butterflies. And while nobody would ever call reading a “new” method for improving the mind, recent scientific studies have confirmed that reading and intelligence have a relationship so close as to be symbiotic.” The Guardian

“Critic John C. Dvorak was harsh about the first Mac, as well PCs in general. In his Feb. 19, 1984, review of the first Mac, he wrote that he liked the computer, but didnt think it was a hit: ‘The nature of the personal computer revolution is simply not fully understood by companies like Apple or anyone else, for that matter. Apple makes the arrogant assumption of thinking that it knows what you want and need. It, unfortunately leaves the “why” out of the equation — as in “why would I want this?”‘” Mashable