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First Page: Unpublished manuscript – Erotic Memoir

First Page: Unpublished manuscript – Erotic Memoir

Welcome to First Page Sunday. Individual authors anonymously send a first page read and critiqued by the Dear Author community of authors, readers and industry others. Anyone is welcome to comment. You may comment anonymously. You can submit your own First Page using this form.

I think I am going out of my mind. It has been seven years I felt the heat of man. His lips tasting the icing of cake off mines, his weight lying on top of me and my ass pressed against his balls in doggy style.

“ Hell I got to do something about sweet punishment.” I thought that night.

I was trying to sustain from sex that night until he had given me my ring as promise. It made all the sense in the world to make him wait even if I was not a virgin. I waited this long since my ex lover. Plus I did not want to be another girl on his long list we talked in private about. I had the kind of jobs that mistakes was not taken lightly. Nevertheless Emmanuel had a well respected career as a teacher, minister and a choir director at his local church. The problem of telling him no that night was that I wanted to go all the way. At least that is what the little sip of alcohol said that night. I do not drink but I would have looked lesser than the women he dated if I would had hand him the drink back.

While lying down with him with the seat pull back , we could only talk of the past while the alcohol wasted me. I never knew that just a few sips would have me confessing like a Catholic school girl. I made excuses after excuses why I would not commit to soon. My sister had the crazy idea he was with someone else and we did not know each other that well. Since I would not commit so fast he honestly said he was thinking about someone else.
That he could not keep waiting for me and next December might be to long to wait for an engagement.

I wanted my family to be alright with him and my ex not to give me a hard time either or make up lies.
Tonight it happen all to fast. It was a late birthday party for me but I cared about Emmanuel so it did not matter.
There were times a man would not even buy me a birthday card.

“What about just a little taste tonight?” he remarked as I could taste the cake he brought along.
He was feeling my breast real tight. I figure it was the drink that got him so horny that night.

I decided to get out of his car. I had nothing on but my night gown when I came to greeted him.
I knew he was a busy man because lately he never made anytime for me. He was always handling work and church functions, his other mommy drama, and counseling broken homes.

I did not notice he had followed me back to house with white cake and white and purple icing. White not my favorite color but he use it to say I was pure. Maybe pure in acting but not so pure with other things. Deep in my state of sleep or coma it happen and I decide to take the cake and rub it on his ear. I licked it off with my tongue slowly.

He rip off his pants and he knew the secret that I enjoyed it one way and one way only.

“ I’m the Great Dame.” I said as I stood on a dining chair table.

He did not say a word for a minute. We locked lips once again holding each other tight.

“ I want teach you something.” he whispered in my ear.

I giggle again in my little Barbie girl voice. I ran my fingers though his hair.

“ Yes, Sir.” I grab him closer one more time to kiss him.

Emmanuel was the man I loved. He took as a rubenesque red woman. He was like a Greek god that night and I would be anything from a goddess or least to have in between my thighs.
Emmanuel slide his hands over the red V lace on my gown touching my breast.

“ What does it take for me to get you out of all that red.” he smiled while raising my silk gown up.

I thought closer as I look at the colors that highlighted his hair. Who could he call all red? I was a strawberry blond with flip curls. I had taken off my wig cause tonight all I had was my pride. I could lose nothing else since I lost everything.

“ Oh I really do need to laid.” I began by unbutton his shirt.

God mad the heavens strike me down if I moan out tonight. I never was this turn on with my ex lover. Since I had no experience with no other man would I fail the teacher’s test.
I was anxious as a two year old and wondering so much like a three year old. I became a mess almost falling off the chair. It was my ass he wanted to see. I was ready for the six foot height man that stood behind me. I got on my knees on the dining table. How did he reach the spot I do not know. He was tall enough that he would not need a chair anyway.

“ Are you ready for daycare” Emmanuel said throwing my education book across the table.

It was then I felt his huge cock in my pussy. It hurt so bad but I wanted more. If he was going to be my husband than I was going to have to take it. I was praying to stars in the skies that my pussy would become wetter.

“ You told me you was not that big?” I said grasping for air.

The more I pump back and grinded him deep in my pussy I got wetter and hotter.
The more I moan but I could not get his name out. It was clear he was on a mission impossible. That my tight pussy could handle him.

“Mmm.” I screamed as he put the cake in my mouth.

He started to laughed as he grasp for oxygen He was taking so fast. The need to want to stop I could not do. His firm hands latch on me tight. This is what I wanted all the time.
I was sick of masturbating or sneaking little pictures of my vagina to him so he could satisfied his need some where else.

Emmanuel was moaning slightly as I began to cum over his thighs like ice cream.
Emmanuel pull me off the table. It was rough hit to the floor but he turn me over.

“ I want deep penetration.” he said as I laid down on the floor.

“ Whatever your order.” I remarked as he closed my legs tight together.

It felt like heaven. I could not control myself any more. I grab on to his hands tight and I went around with my vagina like a hurricane. I closed my vagina to make it bite. Always make him never forget who I was. Emmanuel took it out slowly. I could hear him breathing hard. I simply tried turning around to see if he was fine.

“Turn around.” he said as he turn me back over.

Emmanuel place his not so hard any more cock in my anus. The more he went in the more harder he grew.

“ I told you I only tried it once.” I remarked as he got harder.

Slowing pushing it in and out. He began to kiss me on my back. I stayed laying on my stomach while his kisses flowered me from my neck to my butt. I felt his wet tongue touch my wet pussy. He made me hotter as he licked on my pearl tongue. Emmanuel stuck his cock in my pussy once more. This time he grind-ed it over and over.
I tried to keep my woman live ego that I could handle a man and not moan like most women who say they can handle any size.

First Page: Elijah – Fiction

First Page: Elijah – Fiction

Welcome to First Page Saturday. Individual authors anonymously send a first page read and critiqued by the Dear Author community of authors, readers and industry others. Anyone is welcome to comment. You may comment anonymously. You can submit your own First Page using this form.

Fifteen year old Marissa Dubois was very excited about her very first babysitting job.

Technically, she claimed she was experienced since she did have a four year old half-sister from her mother’s second marriage, but she really didn’t spend very much time with her younger sister. Her mother and her second husband, a man five years her senior, spent a good chunk fighting over each and every little thing. Sometimes Marissa would hear them yelling so loudly with such rage that one of them would begin to throw things violently against walls, crashing noises and shattering, sudden cries would fill the air.

Her baby sister, Annalise, would begin to cry, calling out for her mother.

Marissa would lie in bed across the hall from Annalise’s room and ignore her cries, keeping her eyes screwed shut and promising herself that if she could only stay detached and find some way to begin saving some money, she could run away in a year or so and never have to deal with any of them ever again.

That was where her babysitting job came in.

The job had been an unexpected blessing; the neighbors were very strange people, and had been in the entire two years that Marissa and her new ill-fitting family had moved into the little bungalow, tightly squeezed between two nearly identical bungalows on the short, dingy street of the neighborhood they could actually afford to live in. They were as reclusive as could be; for the first year that they had lived there Marissa didn’t even believe that anyone lived in the house. There were never any lights on, and while there was one rusty old truck that resided in the driveway, it never left, not for a single hour of a single day.

Then one day late in May Marissa had been walking home from school and as she passed the neighbor’s house she saw the fleeting shadow of someone quickly ducking out of the window as her gaze reached their level. Pausing in her steps, she had frowned, looking at the window for longer and even going so far as to stop, staring in the curtained window of the house.

No one appeared, so feeling vaguely creeped out, she continued on her way up the driveway and into her own shoddy bungalow.

She hadn’t said another word about it.

Shortly thereafter, she witnessed a silver Lumina pull into the driveway one day, and out came a rather stern-looking woman with impressive posture, glasses and her dark hair pulled back into a no-nonsense bun. When Marissa nosily inquired to her mother about the strange visitors next door, her mother had irritably informed her that it was the new nanny, and that Marissa would do best to mind her own business and stop spying on the neighbors.