Monday News: Memorial fund for Jackie Barbosa’s son, Buzzfeed’s new film critic, the Vatican Library’s digitization project, and a cool, rare book

Monday News: Memorial fund for Jackie Barbosa’s son, Buzzfeed’s new film...

Memorial Fund for Jackie Barbosa’s Son – As many of you already know, Romance author Jackie Barbosa’s 17-year old son, Julian, was killed in a head-on collision while driving to school on Thursday, March 20th. In response to this tragedy a memorial fund has been established, and there are plans to create a scholarship fund in his name. The link above leads to a Paypal account set up by Beverly Kendall, who is a close friend of the family and is coordinating donations on their behalf. All of us at Dear Author extend our thoughts and prayers to Jackie and her family during this extremely sad and difficult time. –ABC News

BuzzFeed’s New Critic Will Be the First Staffer to Actually Criticize Things – Although I’m not convinced, given the comments below, that Buzzfeed has a handle on what critical discourse is (and isn’t), and why it can’t legitimately be so narrowly defined, it’s good to see that the site is at least inching away from their ridiculous “no haters” policy. I have to say that I’m curious about this shift, though, especially given the recent announcement that the site has also recently acquired (now) former Hairpin contributor and academic Anne Helen Peterson as a full-time features writer. I so totally get wanting a paid gig, and certainly the visibility at Buzzfeed had to have enormous appeal, but I’m curious to see how someone who’s been trained to view critique as the lifeblood of public discourse is going to do there.

But don’t expect this to lead to sweeping changes for the BuzzFeed approach. In today’s interview, Lacob attempts to downplay Willmore’s difference from her co-workers. “‘No haters’ doesn’t mean ‘no negative criticism,’” Lacob said. “What it means, however, is that we’re not going to approach criticism from a place of knee-jerk snarkiness.” Willmore, too, draws a line between “empty snark” and what she will be doing as a film critic. –The Wire

Vatican Library to digitise archives with Japanese support – Home to 82,000 manuscripts, totaling more than 40 million pages, the Vatican Library is hoping to digitize its entire collection, starting with 3,000 documents over the next four years. Japanese company NTT Data is providing the more than $20 million to fund the project, which works out to about, what, fifty cents a page? Not too bad, considering the value of those documents.

“The manuscripts that will be digitised extend from pre-Columbian America to China and Japan in the Far East, passing through all the languages and cultures that have marked the culture of Europe,” said Vatican’s librarian Monsignor Jean-Louis Brugues. –BBC News

A Very Rare Book Opens 6 Different Ways, Reveals 6 Different Books – Given the focus on rare documents in the previous story, this piece on an unusual and unusually beautiful book from Rogge Library in Strängnäs seems appropriate. The artifact, a 16th century collection of German devotional tracts, is an amazing piece of art and spirituality, as each different opening reveals a new book. –Visual News