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Barnes & Noble eStore Will Price Match Amazon

From a reader at Information Week, Barnes and Noble’s eBookstore aka Fictionwise + eReader will match the prices offered at Amazon.   Now if Fictionwise could only get its act in gear and offer the books that are released this week in a timely fashion.   Hard to get excited about good prices when significant books are missing from the ebookstore.

Here is the info I got from them in their weekly email yesterday.

  • All  new eBooks are $9.95 or less.
  • No eBook over $12.95. They aren’t moving all ebooks to $9.95 or less, only newly published ones. Cutting to $12.95 is a substantial cut for many older books though.
  • All books on the New York Times Bestseller list are $9.95, whether it is new or has been there a while.
  • 15% rewards on each purchase.

Via Publishers’ Weekly.