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REVIEW: Love Me by Kelly Jamieson

REVIEW: Love Me by Kelly Jamieson

Dear Ms. Jamieson,

Someone who knows I like f/f/m recommended you on Twitter and I’m so glad they did. I’m always on the lookout for well-written stories featuring sexy situations, likeable characters, and some hot girl-on-girl action. Love Me fits the bill nicely. I really enjoyed it.

Love Me Jamieson Recommended ReadI’ve complained before that f/f/m ménage romance is difficult to find. There is very little to choose from and my expectations are low. This story came as a sweet surprise. By the first page, I was smiling.

Love Me opens with the heroine, Melina, wondering if her boyfriend, Gavin, is cheating. He’s been working late and seems distracted. The last time they had sex, he fell asleep—while going down on her! Melina loves Gavin and wants to make love to him as often as possible. But when he comes home in the middle of the night, he starts masturbating instead of bothering her. Melina feels frustrated and rejected.

The next morning we see the problem from Gavin’s point of view. He’s in charge of the most important project of his career and the poor guy is stressed out. Melina puts constant pressure on him to pay attention to her and talk about his feelings. He knows he’s been neglecting Melina and plans to make it up to her as soon as his big project is finished.

That night, Melina wants to discuss their relationship, but they have a housewarming party to attend. While Gavin hangs out with his buddies, Melina strikes up a conversation with Abby, an acquaintance. To her dismay, all of her fears about Gavin spill out and she starts crying. Abby comforts Melina and suggests that she flirt with someone else to catch Gavin’s attention.

There are no handsome, single men at the party, so Abby offers herself as a flirt partner. She’ll be happy to help make Gavin jealous.

Melina is intrigued by the idea and annoyed with Gavin for always choosing work and his friends over her. He’s barely spoken to her at the party. She goes along with Abby’s plan and they get very cozy on the couch, touching each other’s hair and holding eye contact. All of the men in the room take notice, even Gavin, but he walks away, presumably to get another beer.

Let me just interject that I don’t believe any man would leave the room when his girlfriend is about to kiss another woman. No way. But I’ll accept the author manipulation because it takes the story to a place I want to go.

Melina is angry with Gavin for ignoring her and confused by her reaction to Abby. She’s getting turned on for real. After a smoldering kiss, the two women retire to an upstairs bedroom to continue their “flirtation.”

Thus begins a long, steamy make-out session. Melina and Abby forget about Gavin entirely. They’re in bed together, naked from the waist up, when he walks in on them.

Gavin is shocked by what his sweet little Melina is up to, but he’s more aroused than upset. Abby tells him that Melina just wanted to make him jealous. Melina apologizes, admitting that she doesn’t think he’s interested in her anymore. Gavin assures her that he’s still crazy about her. When Abby suggests a threesome, and Melina agrees, he can’t say no.

At first, Gavin just watches, and the scene from his point of view is hot, hot, hot:

The kiss deepened, their arms wrapped around each other and they rolled on the bed together, their naked breasts pressed together. When their mouths drew apart, they started touching each other’s breasts, with pretty little moans and sighs. If possible, Gavin got even harder, hand pressed to his crotch.

Abby noticed him and lifted her head, her pouty mouth gleaming wetly. “Go ahead,” she told him. “Take it out. Touch yourself.”

He shook his head, but the temptation was too great, and he unzipped his fly. His cock practically jumped out of his pants, hot, hard and thick, and he fisted it. His whole body taut and buzzing, he avidly took in the erotic show in front of him. His thighs tensed and his balls tightened.

“Should we get all the way naked?” Abby whispered to Melina.

The encounter progresses with a lot of touching between the women and ends with Gavin and Melina having blistering sex while Abby watches. They part ways and go home soon after. Still turned on, Gavin lifts Melina against the wall the minute they get through the door. They spend the rest of the night making love.

On Saturday morning, Gavin gets up early to go to work. Instead of being reassured by his enthusiastic banging and declarations of affection, Melina feels despondent. If their relationship needs a ménage to get jumpstarted, it must be hopeless.

At this point the story takes another quick, not-so-believable change of direction. I wasn’t sure why Melina continued to doubt Gavin’s feelings for her. When a couple has great sex, it usually gives them a more positive outlook about their future. I think this is scientifically proven! Maybe including a third person, even for a one-off, throws a wrench in the works.

Anyway, I’ll go along with the detour because even the steamiest erotic encounter can’t solve the problems that came before it. Abby is a catalyst for their breakthrough, not a panacea or a permanent addition. After a rocky week, Melina realizes that she’s been unfair to Gavin and he surprises her with a sentimental gift. I liked the way they talked through their problems and felt very pleased with the romantic resolution. B+

Best regards,


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La Bonne by Michele de Lully

La Bonne by Michele de Lully

Dear Mademoiselle de Lully,

Several readers recommended this book to me as the ultimate f/f/m ménage romance. They were all absolutely right. I bought it on Christmas Day (using my new kindle!) and I'm so glad I did. La Bonne was a delight from start to finish.

La Bonne by Michele de LullyI'm not going to include the back-cover description because it's overcomplicated and confusing. If not for the strong word of mouth, that muddled blurb would have deterred me from buying. Dear Samhain-’this story deserves better.

La Bonne (The Maid) is told in first person point of view from (you guessed it) the maid's perspective. This character remains nameless. The fact that I didn’t even notice is a testament to your storytelling skills. When I referred back to the text to look for a name, I got wrapped up in the fairytale romance again and enjoyed it even more the second time around. Oh, Mlle. de Lully. You are good.

Writing a review–or a blurb–is difficult when the  heroine has no name, but I will try to do her justice.   The maid is a plucky, plainspoken young woman. She's low-class, hard-edged, and down on her luck. No one has ever treated her with kindness or respect, so she doesn't value herself or feel entitled to anything. She knows her station in life and accepts it without flinching.

When the story opens, the maid has been arrested for prostitution. She’s left her loser boyfriend and is out walking the streets when a handsome older gentleman (really an undercover police officer) asks her for a paid date. She’s cuffed before she can turn her first trick. After three months at a halfway house, she's released on a probationary period to work as a servant at the illustrious Cheroigne House. Dame Cheroigne is involved in many charitable pursuits, including the rehabilitation of wayward girls. If the maid does an exemplary job, she won't go to jail.

During the maid's employment interview, the Dame's granddaughter comes sailing down the stairs in a designer gown. Amanda is a present-day princess, pure and unspoiled and achingly lovely. She needs help fastening her dress. The maid jumps to the task, dazzled by fine fabric and flawless skin. Amanda requests the maid as her personal assistant. She doesn't have any friends her own age and longs for a fun female confidant.

The Dame doesn't consider the maid a good influence, but she indulges Amanda for a very cunning reason.

The maid and the princess hit it off well. Amanda is an adventurous spirit, eager to break free from the restrictions of propriety. The maid, in turn, feels a wicked compulsion to coax some naughtiness out of her. When she advises the princess to go bare beneath her revealing ball gown, Amanda complies easily.

Without the underclothes, the dress clung to her like paint, making a surface so smooth and shiny I could barely resist running my hands over it. "This dress shouldn't be worn with underthings."

The stunningly beautiful woman in the mirror agreed. She didn't look like an innocent child anymore. I couldn't imagine any man not breaking his neck when she walked by. Yes, I was envious, but only a little. Mostly I was just in awe. Amanda was too sweet to envy, too pure for spite.

Amanda's betrothed, Petros, a Greek prince, is equally delicious:

When I first saw His Highness, I forgot to breathe.

I was expecting some stuffed shirt, either a tweedy, arrogant young man or a fat, arrogant, old one. What I saw was a Mediterranean concoction that melted my knees, a honey-brown liqueur that I wanted to drink until I drowned in it. His stylish suit could not conceal the hardness of his body, lean and lithe and graceful at every turn. His black eyes saw everything, and when they swept over me I wilted, shamed by my desire.

Petros has been engaged to Amanda since she was twelve and their marriage will be an “affair of the state.” He sees the princess as a child; or worse, his duty. He treats her with the utmost care and deference, but there's no passion between them. Amanda is too naive to realize anything is amiss. When the maid informs her that Petros kisses her like a sister, she bursts into tears.

Amanda wants to learn how to kiss Petros like a mature, desirable woman. The maid offers herself as an instructor, and the two women share an intensely erotic kiss. Aroused and unsettled, the maid retires to her room.

Changing into my nightgown, I wondered what had just happened. Her eagerness I could understand. She was young, inexperienced, untouched. Anything would feel good to her. But what about me? Was three months off men enough to sign me up for the other team?

Not quite. The maid continues to tutor Amanda at night but she never loses her interest in men, particularly Petros. She takes a vicarious thrill in seeing Amanda in his arms. The make such a beautiful couple that the maid feels excited just to be near them. For the first time, she has a chance to do something good in her life, by helping Amanda catch her prince.

When Petros invites Amanda on a Mediterranean cruise on his private yacht, the princess insists on having her maid chaperone.

The Dame pulls the maid aside for a stern warning. Amanda must come home a virgin, and prove it by a doctor's exam, or the marriage will not take place. The maid is to protect the princess's chastity by offering her body to Petros for relief. If she fails, she'll be released from her position and sent to jail. The maid has no choice but to comply. She must betray Amanda's trust, and ensure the royal engagement.

The tension on the cruise is sizzling. Amanda and the maid are treated like goddesses by Petros and his crew of loyal, prestigious sailors. Petros is a perfect gentleman, noble and gracious, but he’s also a bit of a playboy, in no hurry to set a wedding date. The princess has blossomed under the maid's tutelage, however, and their special friendship doesn't escape his notice. There's a priceless scene in which the women rub each other down with sunblock on the deck of the yacht, torturing a mesmerized Petros.

At night, in the stateroom they share, Amanda and the maid share every kind of pleasure imaginable.

I was thoroughly confused, and not a little ashamed-The things she had done to me surprised me, but the way I reacted to them terrified me. I had accepted being sent out here to relieve sexual tension. If Amanda was the one who had to be serviced instead of Petros, well, one had to have a certain amount of flexibility in these affairs.

But what I was doing with Amanda was more than service. It felt, to me, like love.

The maid decides she can't hurt Amanda by sleeping with Petros, although she longs to. The steamy sessions with the princess have made her desperate for a man's touch. Complicating matters, Petros recognizes the maid's honor and finds her irresistible. She can't help but be enamored of him in return. They are kindred spirits, bound by duty, resigned to their fate.

Amanda wants Petros and the maid. The maid wants Petros and Amanda. Petros wants the maid and Amanda. Who will live happily ever after?

The resolution is erotic, romantic, and ultimately satisfying for all parties. It’s a fairytale ending for a girl who was born from nothing, expected nothing, and gets everything she'd never dared to dream of. I really liked the mix of heart and humor, fantasy and realism. I also loved the brassy narrative voice and deft characterization of the maid, a noble young woman who doesn’t recognize her own worth.

I challenge anyone to read La Bonne and not be charmed. A

Available in ebook and print.

Best regards,


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