Monday News: Fabio retrospective; Racine man banned from all the libraries ever; Are gay white male books only parenthical inclusion?

Monday News: Fabio retrospective; Racine man banned from all the libraries...

The ending cover was an Edgar Rice Burroughs book titled “The Beasts of Tarzan” but I totally read it as “The Breasts of Tarzan.” Huffington Post

Lo says that Levithan’s work is paving the way for more LGBT characters in mainstream fiction. The door might open with gay white boys but behind them will be the lesbians and the transgender kids as well.

Berkley and Avon will be publishing m/m romances, one from Karina Cooper and another from ZA Maxfield. The late March release by JR Ward “Lover At Last” will feature a gay romance between two longstanding characters.

Is this parenthetical inclusion or one step forward? Malinda Lo

The Amazon bestseller list that is being scrutinized is the print side. On the print side, it looks like you may only need to sell about 8,000 copies to get the on the list. On the digital side, the number is higher by a factor of at least two, if not five or six, according to numbers I’ve been told by indie authors.

There are two reasons this data point is significant. It either means that print book sales are more depressed than anyone wants to report or it means that Amazon’s market share for print books is much less. But it’s not a significant data point to indicate that it doesn’t take much to get on the Amazon print bestseller list.