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Evie Byrne

Dear Author

Top Romances of 2009 by Jane

Picking out the ten best reads of 2009 was hard. It was hard because I had 6 A rated books but then I had to delve into the B+s and determine from that strong group who ranked in my top 10. I based my decision on re-readability. I’ve re-read portions of all of these books at one point or another.   There are other books which I loved this year that are outside the genre so I intentionally excluded them.

I noticed that I loved the scoundrel redeemed story which is pretty much the dominant theme in my best loved historicals of the year.   I’ve read into the first quarter of 2010 and I have to say we romance readers have a good year ahead of us.

REVIEW:  Damned by Blood by Evie Byrne

REVIEW: Damned by Blood by Evie Byrne

WARNING: this review may not be work safe as it includes profanities and sexual situations. Carry on.

Dear Ms. Byrne:

1215I hadn’t even realized that this book, the third in the Faustin brothers trilogy, was set for release until I received the Samhain reviewer email. I jumped on the chance to obtain a review copy because I had enjoyed Bound by Blood quite a bit.

I thought this was a great, fresh vampire romance. It wasn’t fresh because the vampire myth held anything new. The freshness was totally based on the characters themselves. Mikhail is the eldest of the Faustin brothers. He and his family rule over the East. His mother calls him home to tell him of a prophecy of his mate. It is Alya Adad. I’ll just let the book do the talking:

Helena’s shrill whistle cut through the sludge of noise. Mikhail lifted his head and looked around the room with fresh eyes. In just a few seconds his world had collapsed and been rebuilt in a terrible new form. Helena threw out her arms in frustration. "Excuse me. I’m new here. Could somebody please tell me who this Alya Adad is?"

His father said, "The eldest child of Prince Zouhair Adad of Morocco."

His mother said, "Mikhail’s first love."

Gregor said, "She’s the fucking queen of the damned."

Mikhail stood. That surprised them all, he could tell, and he hated their worried glances. He cast a long, slow gaze around his family circle, warning them against pity. "You should know her name, Helena. She rules the entire West coast. And we’re at war with her."

what could possibly happen next?