Monday News: Tap dancing cover; Ill strikes down internet tax; tablet and ereader ownership on the rise

Monday News: Tap dancing cover; Ill strikes down internet tax; tablet...

our goals are as follows: We will strive to strike a balance between essential cyclical conversations (e.g those about diversity and representation and critical writing in SFF) and the New and Shiny catchprases or topics (e.g. Grimdark) that steal the stage in 2013. We will do our best to capture a broad swath of the many fandoms and subcategories that fall under the SFF umbrella, including (but not limited to) reviews of novels/novellas/short stories, television shows, gaming, art (professional and fan), movie talk, as well as essays about the different aspects of SFF overall. We will acknowledge the fact that SFF conversations are also happening in forums that are not SFF-exclusive (e.g. at locations very much like our own blog). We will maintain the gender balance of contributors. More importantly, we will attempt to maintain the gender balance of the content itself. We will solicit voices that cover different age ranges of SFF fiction – because the Young Adult and Middle Grade categories are exploding with books and discussions – as well as voices from often dismissed subgenres like Urban Fantasy and Romantic SFF. We’ll also do our very best to include international voices, beyond the United States and United Kingdom.

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