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Dear Author

Agony/Ecstasy Anthology: Introducing Dionne Galace and her short “Tattoo”


I was actively seeking multicultural stories but unfortunately did not receive many submissions of those.  I was tickled to receive a submission from Dionne Galace, a long time member of the blogging community and author of some of the funniest reviews in the blogging space.  “Tattoo” is not a funny story; however, but a tender one about a young woman seeking to find something of worth within herself.  An Asian tattoo artist helps her begin that journey.

Taking a deep breath, she approached the dentist chair, placed her legs on either side of it, and exhaled slowly as she lowered herself onto the chair. The leather felt weird on her bare parts, so she pulled up the hem of the robe from the back, slid it between her legs, and sat back down. It took her a bit to undo the knot on the belt of the robe because her hands were shaking so badly, but she managed it, sliding off the robe from her shoulders until the terrycloth was gathered around her elbows. She looked down at her bare breasts and covered them up before leaning forward to lay her cheek on the leather, wrapping her arms loosely around the back cushion. She forced herself to concentrate on how the leather felt against her skin as she began to breathe deeply: inhaling, holding it for three beats, then exhaling until all the air out was out of her lungs. Inhale, exhale. If there was one thing she got out of the obscenely expensive therapy sessions that she took after Eric filed for divorce, it was how to breathe properly.

“Don’t move,” Michael said. “You’re perfect just like that.”

Next up is Rescue Me by Meljean Brook.

Dear Author

Dear Author Pimpage

A little pimpage for my friends this morning.

Keishon, at, is having a giveaway of the hardcover release by Julia Spencer Fleming, I Shall Not Want. This is the 6th book in the series and has a very strong romantic undercurrent so if you like romance and mystery, this is a good fit.

Dionne Galace, author and blogger, has resurrected the serial for romance readers. She first introduced us to Bettie Sharpe and is now running a serial of her own. I haven’t had an opportunity to read it yet, but look forward to doing so this evening.