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Thursday News: Tos;DR, Fair Use rulings, and poor B&N nook sales

Thursday News: Tos;DR, Fair Use rulings, and poor B&N nook sales

“According to iSuppli’s analysts, B&N sold only 459 thousand Enhanced ereaders last quarter, and they sold around 614 thousand in Q1 2012. In contrast, Amazon is estimated to have sold over a million Kindle Fires each quarter.”The Digital Reader

“Making the fine print easy to understand…Each data point will be assigned a weight in the rating of the website in question as soon as there is a rough consensus in the mailing list thread. So the classification of each website simply depends on how many positive and negative data points we have posted about it on the mailing list.”Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

“Quantity was key. De Graff knew that if he could print 100,000 paperbound books, production costs would plummet to 10 cents per copy. But it would be impossible for Pocket Books to turn a profit if it couldn’t reach hundreds of thousands of readers. And that would never happen as long as de Graff relied solely on bookstores for distribution. So de Graff devised a plan to get his books into places where books weren’t traditionally sold. His twist? Using magazine distributors to place Pocket Books in newsstands, subway stations, drugstores, and other outlets to reach the underserved suburban and rural populace. But if Pocket Books were going to sell, they couldn’t just stick to the highbrow. De Graff avoided the stately, color-coded covers of European paperbacks, which lacked graphics other than the publishers’ logos, and splashed colorful, eye-catching drawings on his books.”Mental Floss

Wednesday News: Amazing pictures of earth; Stephen Leather boasts of sock puppetry; Bad behavior nets interest

Wednesday News: Amazing pictures of earth; Stephen Leather boasts of sock...

Snow cave in Russia

Photographer: Michael Zelensky Snow cave in Russia

Stephen Leather sat on a panel on publishing in the UK.  He said some silly thingslike how fans are a suitable source of editing/copyediting/fact finding (I tried to explain that with eBooks, an author with a large fan base can use fans to edit and proof-read.  Everyone seemed to think that meant I thought writers could do away with editors, and of course that’s not the case. But not every writer needs a hard edit, some writers need little more than proof-reading and fact-checking and that can be done through fans.”) but he never, in his blogpost, mentioned anything about blithely creating sock puppets. It looks like Leather writes some porny work so if you come across it in the erotica section and it seems well reviewed, it’s definitely a case of buyer beware.
Readers appear to be gravitating toward the multifunction tablet device and away from the dedicated ereader.

There is a purported Canadian who appears to be engaged in wholesale copyright infringement of ebooks by sharing them freely and refusing to abide by copyright notices.  He declares himself above the law or that somehow copyright does not apply to him.  He is even engaging in Stop the GR Bullies behavior by posting the full name, address, and phone number of the authors that are sending him DMCA takedown notices and posting pictures of those authors with their personal information.   Someone asked me if I was going to blog about it and I responded that I ordinarily don’t post links to a pirate site because I don’t want to publicize access.  In this case, posting for the purposes of shaming wouldn’t work because he is brazen.  He is proud he is engaging in this activity.  His domain name server is in the U.S. and I reported that he was engaged in behavior that was infringing. I also contacted Flattr, a micropayment system that the infringer was using.  The company is based in Sweden so I have few hopes that there will be a positive response.

I’m open to hearing ideas from the crowd on how DA can help in this case.  We are limited in what legal action we can take because we don’t hold the copyright to any of the materials being improperly hosted.