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Daily Deals: A couple of DA recommends and an intriguing inspirational

Daily Deals: A couple of DA recommends and an intriguing inspirational

Family Secrets by Nicole Burnham
by Carolyn Jewel. $ FREE.

From the Jacket Copy:

The earl of Banallt is a reformed rake determined to win the heart of the only woman he’s ever loved.

Two years after the death of her husband, Sophie Mercer Evans still has no use for Banallt. It’s true she knows him better than anyone, and that’s why she’ll never forgive him his past and the mortal insult he dealt her. And yet, when her life is falling apart, it’s Banallt who stands by her.

Scandal_was a 2010 RITA finalist for Best Regency Historical. It has also been included on at least one list of the 100 Best Romances ever. My agent called this book a “tour de force.” I hope you enjoy the story of Sophie and Lord Banallt, who surely does prove himself deserving of his heroine’s love.

This is worth getting. In fact this should be the first deal. Let me do a little re-arranging. Okay, there. The reason that this is such a good book is because it takes the degenerate rake and throws those actions in his face. Sophie doesn’t want Banallt because he represents everything she despises, and for good reason. But he’s always there when she needs someone and in the end, she learns that he’s more than merely a body attached to the frail male organ.

Jennie wrote a wonderful review of Scandal at Dear Author.

“The Earl of Banallt and the young widow Sophie Evans encounter each other when Sophie’s brother John brings Banallt home. John is unaware that the notorious earl and his sister have a history. Several years before, Sophie had first met Banallt when her philandering husband, Tommy, brought him home unexpectedly late one night. Both men were drunk, and they were accompanied by a woman of dubious reputation. From this inauspicious beginning, Sophie and Banallt formed an unlikely friendship. Banallt found himself strongly desiring Sophie, in spite of the fact that she’s no beauty. Sophie was unhappy, scarred by Tommy’s constant infidelity and the knowledge that he only married her (over the anvil in Scotland) for her inheritance – a circumstance that estranged her from her family for a time. She was drawn to Banallt but even more than any attraction she felt for him, she desperately needed a friend and confidante. Unfortunately, in a moment of anguish, Banallt destroyed the friendship. Sophie tells him she doesn’t want to see him again, and indeed they do not meet again for some time.”

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Family Secrets by Nicole BurnhamFamily Secrets by Nicole Burnham. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:


From three bestselling authors known for their rich characters and emotionally charged stories come three full-length contemporary romances filled with family, secrets, passion … and love.

Emily March, New York Times bestseller and author of the beloved Eternity Springs series, brings you MY BIG OLD TEXAS HEARTACHE:
It’s difficult to keep secrets in a small town, but in Brazos Bend, one secret has been simmering for years — the identity of Kate Harmon’s baby’s father. Now that all the players are back in town and the truth is revealed, will scandal tear her family apart? Or will Kate find a second chance at love … with a man who’s afraid to hope for redemption?

Nicole Burnham, RITA Award winner and creator of the deliciously wicked Royal Scandals series, presents SCANDAL WITH A PRINCE:
One magical summer, young Megan Hallberg met—and loved—Prince Stefano Barrali. When Megan tried to tell him she was pregnant, she learned he was engaged to a beautiful aristocrat. To protect her unborn child from the media frenzy, Megan kept the infant’s parentage a secret. Now, ten years later, bachelor Stefano unexpectedly appears. Torn between passion and a need to protect her daughter, Megan wonders if the larger-than-life prince will be her destiny…or her downfall.

Christina Dodd, New York Times bestselling author of her heart-rending romantic suspense series, Lost Hearts, offers JUST THE WAY YOU ARE:
Mystery and misery scar their young lives. Three sisters and their foster brother are torn apart by tragedy and scattered across the country to grow up apart. Now Hope Prescott searches for her lost siblings, and finds Zack, a humble man she can love. Then secrets and betrayal tear them apart…Can Zack solve the mystery that haunts Hope’s past to prove their futures lie together?


Three full length books by well known authors is a good deal in my eyes. The cover…yeah I’m not in love with it. There’s an amateurish quality to it. I think it’s partly the color, the font choices, etc. And they are romances so you’re safe there.

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Show No Mercy by Cindy GerardShow No Mercy by Cindy Gerard. $2.99

From the Jacket Copy:

The sexy heroes of Black Ops, Inc., a covert private security team, sizzle in New York Times bestselling author Cindy Gerard’s electrifying new romantic suspense series.


Only two things can compel journalist Jenna McMillan back to Buenos Aires after terrorists held her captive there just months before: a rare interview with a shadowy billionaire and the memory of the dark and dangerous man who saved her….


Bad guys, bombs, and bullets are Gabriel Jones’s way of life. But he’ll never forget the brash redhead he rescued not so long ago…or the passionate kiss they shared before he sent her packing….


Now, forced together by a bombing at the National Congress, Jenna and Gabe confront the urgent longings that simmer between them. But this surprise meeting is no coincidence. A ruthless enemy stalks them with deadly precision. The question is…if they make it out alive, will Gabe turn his back on Jenna…again?

I was a big fan of the Black Ops series. I thought Gerard did a good job of blending sexy and suspenseful. Library Addict said that “Show No Mercy” was her favorite “My favorite is Show No Mercy, Gabe & Jenna’s story. It’s book #1 in the Black Ops Inc series and though I do think it can be read as a stand alone, it helps to have read the last book in her Bodyguards series, Into the Dark which introduces the h/h as well as the core group of heroes in the BOI series.”

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When Mountains Move by Julie CantrellWhen Mountains Move by Julie Cantrell. $ 2.99

From the Jacket Copy:

It is the spring of 1943. With a wedding and a cross-country move, Millie’s world is about to change forever.

If only her past could change with it.

Soon after the break of day, Bump will become Millie’s husband. And then, if all goes as planned, they will leave the rain-soaked fields of Mississippi and head for the wilds of the Colorado Rockies. As Millie tries to forget a dark secret, she hasn’t yet realized how drastically those past experiences will impact the coming days.

For most of Millie’s life, being free felt about as unlikely as the mountains moving. But she’s about to discover that sometimes in life, we are given second chances, and that the only thing bigger than her past … is her future.

When you first do a search at BN it may only pull up the paperback but if you click on the paperback, the nook option will show up under All Available Formats & Editions.

Anyway, PW writes of this inspirational fiction historical “Cantrell set the bar high with Into the Free, which won the Christian Fiction Christy Awards Book of the Year. The narration of her follow-up is less lyrical, but the plotting is assured, and supporting characters Oka and Fortner ring fascinating and true, even as Kat seems less convincing. Millie’s voice remains the center of new emotional dynamics, and it will linger with readers after they close the book. “

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Daily Deals: YA adventurer, second chance at love, and a female assassin

Daily Deals: YA adventurer, second chance at love, and a female...

A kind person gave me an international heads up>

Angels’ Blood, Archangel’s Kiss, and Archangel’s Consort are currently $3.99 each – but only in Australia and New Zealand. All retailers. And Slave to Sensation is £1.99 right now – for the UK.


The Second Seduction of a Lady by Miranda NevilleThe Second Seduction of a Lady by Miranda Neville. $ 1.99

From the Jacket Copy:

Enter the thrilling, sexy world of GeorgianEngland in this splendid Miranda Neville novella—and catch a glimpse of Caro, the heroine ofThe Importance of Being Wicked,on sale December 2012.

Eleanor Hardwick and Max Quinton shared onenight of incredible passion . . . that was shatteredthe next day, when Eleanor learned of a bet placedby Max’s friends. Now, five years later, Max stillcan’t get Eleanor out of his head or his heart. He hasa single chance to make a second impression—onethat will last forever.

We don’t have a review of this book but I think I’ll read it. I’ve been hankering for a historical and I kind of love the storyline. Lots of my fellow bloggers are big Neville fans so I want to give it a try.

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Midnight Rescue by Elle KennedyMidnight Rescue by Elle Kennedy. $ 2.99

From the Jacket Copy:

Dangerous. Ruthless. Savage. And she’s the good guy.

Abby Sinclair had a desperate childhood until she was rescued and adopted by a retired army ranger who molded her into a master of self-defense. Now, she’s a cunning and fearless assassin thrust into assignment after dangerous assignment, using everything she has-nerve, resilience, strength, sex-to come out on top. Her only rule: trust no one.
Abby’s latest assignment is in Columbia: go undercover and snuff out a dangerous arms dealer active in the underground sex trade. But when Abby purposely blows her cover in a last-ditch attempt to free the helpless victims, deadly mercenary Kane Woodland is recruited as back-up. His mission: get Abby out of that hell hole.

The last thing Kane expects is to feel a primal attraction for Abby. But when she convinces him to join her on her perilous mission, their newfound passion could put the lives of their whole team at risk.

If you are a regular follower of this blog you know I’m a big fan of the Elle Kennedy books. I’ll admit that this one wasn’t my favorite but I think it had to do with expectations. I love the funny banter between the characters in her SEAL series and this one is just more serious and intense.

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Virals by Kathy Reichs.Virals by Kathy Reichs. $ 2.99 AMZN | Google

From the Jacket Copy:

Adventure is in Tory Brennan’s blood. After all, she’s the grandniece of world-famous forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan. Always up for a challenge, Tory and her science-geek friends spend their time exploring the marshlands of Loggerhead Island, home to the very off-limits Loggerhead Island Research Institute, where something strange is going on. After rescuing a stray wolfdog pup from a top-secret lab, Tory and her friends are exposed to a rare strain of canine parvovirus, changing them–and their DNA–forever. Now they are more than friends. They are a pack. They are Virals. And they’re dangerous to the core. But are they unstoppable enough to catch a cold-blooded murderer?

So this is the YA version of Reichs’ main series. It was reviewed well but note that it actually is kind of science-fiction-y.

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The Golden Notebook by Doris LessingThe Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing. $ 1.99 AMZN | Google.

From the Jacket Copy:

Anna is a writer, author of one very successful novel, who now keeps four notebooks. In one, with a black cover, she reviews the African experience of her earlier years. In a red one she records her political life, her disillusionment with communism. In a yellow one she writes a novel in which the heroine relives part of her own experience. And in a blue one she keeps a personal diary. Finally, in love with an American writer and threatened with insanity, Anna resolves to bring the threads of all four books together in a golden notebook.

Doris Lessing’s best-known and most influential novel, The Golden Notebook retains its extraordinary power and relevance decades after its initial publication.

The NYTimes Book Review says that it is Lessing’s most important work.

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