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Daily Deals: YA love, captive brides, outlaws

Daily Deals: YA love, captive brides, outlaws

That Night: A Novel by Alice McDermottThat Night: A Novel
by Alice McDermott. $ 3.99 AMZN | Apple

From the Jacket Copy:

A Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award

It is high summer, the early 1960s. Sheryl and Rick, two Long Island teenagers, share an intense, all-consuming love. But Sheryl’s widowed mother steps between them, and one moonlit night Rick and a gang of hoodlums descend upon her quiet neighborhood. That night, driven by Rick’s determination to reclaim Sheryl, the young men provoke a violent confrontation, and as fathers step forward to protect their turf, notions of innocence belonging to both sides of the brawl are fractured forever. Alice McDermott’s That Night is “a moving and captivating novel, both celebration and elegy…a rare and memorable work” (The Cleveland Plain Dealer).

The praise for this book is endless and I’m intrigued. Apparently it’s been made into a movie but if you’ve seen the movie, it concentrates heavily on the friendship between Sheryl and a neighbor girl, Alice, who narrates the story. The movie ending is much happier per the reviews than the novel ending.

“A strong, eloquent novel…McDermott writes clean, simple prose that serves her story beautifully. This novel is as carefully constructed as a poem, giving off a lustrous glow, and is poignant in the telling.”—-People

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The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford by Ron HansenThe Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford by Ron Hansen. $ 1.99

From the Jacket Copy:

Jesse James was a fabled outlaw, a charismatic, spiritual, larger-than-life bad man whose bloody exploits captured the imagination and admiration of a nation hungry for antiheroes. Robert Ford was a young upstart torn between dedicated worship and murderous jealousy, the “dirty little coward” who coveted Jesse’s legend. The powerful, strange, and unforgettable story of their interweaving paths—and twin destinies that would collide in a rain of blood and betrayal—is a story of America in all her rough, conflicted glory and the myths that made her.

We’ve always had a fascination with bad boys from Byron to Jesse James (and further back than that).


“Hansen has turned low history into high art. This is a terrific book.”

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All Fired UpAll Fired Up by Vivian Arend and Elle Kennedy. $ 0.99

From the Jacket Copy:

Welcome to book 1 of the DreamMakers trilogy. A collaboration from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author VIVIAN AREND, and ELLE KENNEDY, author of the bestselling Out Of Uniform and Killer Instincts series.

He’s ready to lead the way:

Parker Wilson never thought he’d go from battle-hardened soldier to romance expert, but after his stint in the Rangers, that’s exactly what happened. As the owner of DreamMakers Inc., he helps other men win in the love department, using every resource available to plan the perfect date. When a routine recon turns into an unexpected night of passion, Parker’s mission becomes more personal—and he won’t give up until Lynn Davidson is all his.

She’s more than willing to follow:

Lynn is a goner from the moment she lays eyes on the delectable Parker. She’s just ditched her boring almost-boyfriend and is tired of sticking to the straight and narrow. It’s time to walk on the wild side, and what better way than in the arms of the most irresistible man she’s ever met? But when their red-hot affair is threatened, it’ll take a team effort to make their dreams come true.

This book has one of the sexiest flirtation scenes I’ve ever read and it’s stuck out in my mind ever since, to the point of going back just to re-read that part. The heroine is smart and has a strong heart, the hero is adorable, and despite the Big Misunderstanding being set up a mile away it makes sense with the story. Plus, it’s the first book I’ve read where ex-military all-pumped guys go into something other than security — these guys are romantics at heart. There is a m/f/m scene in this book if people don’t like menage and several allusions to others in conversation, but the rest of the book is just the hero and heroine.

Deal is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Other

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From the Jacket Copy:

She’s swept away to a hidden island paradise filled with pleasures… and secrets.

Abducted from a trade fair by a mysterious warrior, Lady Avril de Varennes awakens on Asgard Island, an enchanted paradise cloaked in mists and mystery, kept secret from the world for centuries. Against her will, Avril weds her arrogant captor, Hauk Valbrand–even as she vows to escape. Hauk believes himself beyond the reach of love, until his fiery captive bride begins to melt his heart of ice. But soon he must reveal the stunning truth about Asgard and its people–and Hauk and Avril must choose between love and honor, duty and desire… now and forever.

“An utterly absorbing read! With its richly drawn characters, powerful conflict and vividly imagined setting, HIS CAPTIVE BRIDE is a romantic fantasy lover’s dream. When it comes to sweeping, sizzling historical romance, Shelly Thacker is a shining star!” -New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian

“Five hearts (highest rating). An involving, beautiful story. I thought about the characters often at work, at the grocery store, in my car–wherever I was until I could get back to the book. A definite keeper.”

“Powerful. From the very first page you’re whisked away to a world where anything is possible.” -The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A full-length novel of 100,000 words
Adult content: steamy love scenes!
Originally published by Dell under the title Timeless

This expanded Author’s Preferred Edition ebook includes additional scenes never before published. Also includes bonus content: “The Making of His Captive Bride: The Story Behind the Story.”

The Stolen Brides Series: One falls through time and finds herself married to a dark stranger… one may never reach her royal wedding if she can’t resist her rugged protector… one is abducted by a mysterious swordsman and swept away to a secret island paradise. Three regal brides are about to discover that falling in love with a warrior is the most dangerous adventure of all.

Each book in the Stolen Brides Series is a stand-alone novel, so you can enjoy them in any order.

Book 1: FOREVER HIS (Gaston and Celine)
Book 2: HIS FORBIDDEN TOUCH (Royce and Princess Ciara)
Book 3: HIS CAPTIVE BRIDE (Hauk and Avril)

Pre-order the next Stolen Brides book today and save! The upcoming prequel novel is now available at a special pre-order price: HIS STOLEN BRIDE (Darach and Laurien) ~ A bride is kidnapped on the morning of her royal wedding–by her groom’s most dangerous enemy.

Got dystopia fatigue? Take a trip to paradise In this “powerful and richly romantic” medieval romance with a paranormal twist. Lady Avril de Varennes is abducted by a mysterious swordsman and swept away to a hidden island paradise filled with pleasures… and secrets. Tropes: captive-captor, enemies to lovers, paranormal romance. No rapes, no cliffhanger, HEA ending. Has a 3.9 rating on Goodreads. From a USA Today bestselling author.
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The Shadow Prince: The Prequel to Mortal Enchantment The Shadow Prince: The Prequel to Mortal Enchantment
 by Stacey O’Neale. $ FREE

From the Jacket Copy:

“Filled with betrayal and intrigue, THE SHADOW PRINCE is a dark and twisty novella from an exciting new author!”
Katee Robert, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Sixteen-year-old Rowan has spent most of his life living among the mortals—learning to control the element of fire, impatiently awaiting the day his vengeful mother, Queen Prisma, will abdicate her throne. When he finally returns to Avalon for his coronation, his mother insists he must first prove his loyalty to the court by completing a secret mission:

Kill Kalin, the half-human, half-elemental daughter of the air court king.

Willing to do anything to remove his mother from power, he agrees to sacrifice the halfling. He returns to the mortal world with his best friend, Marcus, determined to kill the princess. But as he devises a plan, he starts to question whether or not he’s capable of completing such a heinous task. And what price he will pay if he refuses?

It’s a free YA PNR novella with a 4.5 rating on Amazon. 89 out of 95 reviews are 4 star and above. It’s a story filled with suspense and magic. The theme questions whether the end justifies the means.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t post this because it’s a short story but it’s free and the author submitted it so here you are readers. 

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Daily Deals: Supernatural thrillers, hot alphas, and the American Revolution

Daily Deals: Supernatural thrillers, hot alphas, and the American Revolution

9780142181065_p0_v1_s260x420Omens: A Cainsville Novel by Kelley Armstrong. $ 2.99

From the Jacket Copy:

#1 New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong introduces a chilling new world

Kelley Armstrong has been a dominant presence on the New York Times bestseller lists for more than a decade. And while her devoted fans flock to each new book, the Cainsville series is sure to attract an even broader readership. In Omens, Olivia Taylor-Jones is shattered to learn that she’s adopted. Her biological parents? Notorious serial killers. On a quest to learn more about her past, Olivia lands in the small town of Cainsville, Illinois. As she draws on long-hidden abilities, Olivia begins to realize that there are dark secrets in Cainsville—and powers lurking in the shadows.

I’ve hardly ever read an Armstrong book I didn’t like. Even if I was vaguely unsatisfied with an ending or resolution, her work always captivates me.

PW writes “On the run from reporters, she makes her way to Cainsville, Ill., an isolated and peculiar small town decorated—or perhaps protected—by numerous gargoyles and populated by inhabitants among whom Olivia’s blossoming visions are not extraordinary. Gabriel Walsh, the former lawyer for Pamela Larsen, hunts down Olivia with a business proposition and offers to prepare her to visit Pamela in prison. His commanding presence exudes danger and intrigue, and he and Olivia become enmeshed in a harrowing investigation that may prove the Larsens’ innocence. The fantasy elements take a backseat to the mystery, and by book’s end little is known about the world Armstrong is constructing”

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9780812970418_p0_v1_s260x420The American Revolution: A History (Modern Library Chronicles) by Gordon S. Wood. $

From the Jacket Copy:

A magnificent account of the revolution in arms and consciousness that gave birth to the American republic.

When Abraham Lincoln sought to define the significance of the United States, he naturally looked back to the American Revolution. He knew that the Revolution not only had legally created the United States, but also had produced all of the great hopes and values of the American people. Our noblest ideals and aspirations-our commitments to freedom, constitutionalism, the well-being of ordinary people, and equality-came out of the Revolutionary era. Lincoln saw as well that the Revolution had convinced Americans that they were a special people with a special destiny to lead the world toward liberty. The Revolution, in short, gave birth to whatever sense of nationhood and national purpose Americans have had.

No doubt the story is a dramatic one: Thirteen insignificant colonies three thousand miles from the centers of Western civilization fought off British rule to become, in fewer than three decades, a huge, sprawling, rambunctious republic of nearly four million citizens. But the history of the American Revolution, like the history of the nation as a whole, ought not to be viewed simply as a story of right and wrong from which moral lessons are to be drawn. It is a complicated and at times ironic story that needs to be explained and understood, not blindly celebrated or condemned. How did this great revolution come about? What was its character? What were its consequences? These are the questions this short history seeks to answer. That it succeeds in such a profound and enthralling way is a tribute to Gordon Wood’s mastery of his subject, and of the historian’s craft.

“Wood is the preeminent historian of the Revolution. . . . Here . . . he manages to boil down to its essence this crucial period in the country’s history without in the process reducing it to History Lite. . . . His account of the emergence and development of rank-and-file political opinion is especially provocative and informative, but then so is just about everything else in this remarkable, invaluable book.” —The Washington Post Book World

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9780380758890_p0_v1_s260x420Green Eyes by Karen Robards. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

Anna Traverne will never forget that evening back in England when a bold intruder stole into her chambers — a dark and daring jewel thief who came for treasures and inflamed her passions with a brazen caress. She thwarted the dashing rogue then. But now Julian Chase has followed her halfway around the world. Julian has come to take what he believes is rightfully his. And he has vowed to have his tender, sensuous revenge on the enchanting, silver-blond angel who robbed him of his birthright … and purloined his heart in a single, unparalleled moment.

Back by popular demand from the bestselling author of Morning Song and Maggy’s Child comes this romance novel. Reissue.

This is a historical originally published in 1991. PW had this to say about it “Robards’s ( Morning Song ) superficial understanding of 19th-century Ceylon, as evidenced by her treatment of this sect, undermines her story. “

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HOT+ALPHA+SEALSHot Alpha SEALs: Military Romance Megaset by Delilah Devlin. $ .99.

From the Jacket Copy:

12 New York Times, USA Today or Award-winning bestselling Hot Alpha Authors brings you this Military Romance Megaset for your reading pleasure:

THE KISS OF A SEAL by Award-winning Author Anne Elizabeth — Jessa Grainger’s world is rocked by the kiss of a SEAL, SO-1 Link Tyler. It wouldn’t be a problem for an ordinary person, but being a Navy Consultant working on the Amphibious Base as well as being engaged to a SWCC man make the situation very sticky.

NIGHT WITH A SEAL (Hot SEALS #1) by New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Cat Johnson —When navigating military red tape begins to present more challenges than the enemy, it makes SEAL Jon Rudnick question his future. So does Alison Cressly, the one woman he can’t get out of his head.

HOT BAYOU SEAL by Award-winning author Cindy Dees — SEAL Ford Alambeaux is a busted up SEAL on his way out of the teams. Trina Zarkos is being tossed out of SEAL training like every other female candidate…until they’re thrown together on a way off-book mission to see if she can play with the big boys or not.

DELTA: RETRIBUTION by USA Today bestselling author Cristin Harber — Fallen Navy SEAL and Titan Group’s Delta recruit Trace Reeves wants nothing more than a one-night stand to forget that his twin brother was killed-in-action. But when his one-time fling becomes his high value target, the lines blur between her rescue mission and saving himself.

WATCH OVER ME (An Uncharted SEAL story) by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Delilah Devlin — Deke Warrick’s unsanctioned detail is to keep tabs on a congressman’s niece while she vacations in the Caribbean. He’s determined to keep his distance, from the beautiful Nicky Martir—until she’s snatched from their hotel room.

SEAL’S OBSESSION (A Take No Prisoners story) by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Elle James — Mission: Halt pirate activities off the coast of Honduras. SEAL TEAM 10′s Jack Fischer goes undercover as a deck hand on a medical boat where he finds himself falling for the dedicated Dr. Natalie Rhoades.

The SEAL (a Sex, Lies & Spies novella) by USA Today bestselling author Gennita Low — Mari Lords is tasked by her father to steal the seal that is an important clue in a round-the-world treasure hunt called The Game. When her opportunity comes during a party, she finds another kind of SEAL, Angel Marcello.

UNBREAKABLE SEAL by USA Today bestselling author J.M. Madden — Maxwell Tate fights against a psychotic dream world, until he no longer knows what’s real. Lacey Adams knows she can’t save all of her cases, but can she salvage the unbreakable SEAL?

MISTER BLACK by Award-winning author P.T. Michelle —He is Black: a deadly enforcer and masterful seducer. I am Red: a justice bleeder and willing participant. When our secrets converge in a passionate encounter, stepping out of the shadows just might be worth the risk.

STONE HARD SEAL by Award-winning author Sabrina York —When Ryder “Stone” Maddox’s meets Lily Wilson—a senator’s daughter who is definitely off-limits—he’s determined to keep his distance, despite her irresistible allure. But Lily has plans of her own…to put his heart of stone to the test.

SEAL’S PROMISE by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sharon Hamilton —Navy SEAL T.J. Talbot, SEAL Team 3′s bad boy, makes a deathbed promise to protect and care for his fallen buddy’s wife and child. The only problem is, she hates him.

BREAKING TIES (a SEAL Team Heartbreakers story) by bestselling author Teresa Reasor — Navy SEAL Oliver Shaker is blindsided when he learns that not only does his wife, Selena, have a life-threatening illness, but she’s also pregnant, stretching their marriage to the breaking point.

I’m interested in Teresa Reasor’s book. I’ve heard some good things about her.

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